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E3 is made up of two types of game demonstrations: floor demos and private showings. Producer Yusuke Hashimoto was present for SEGA’s private screening of their newest over-the-top action hit: Bayonetta.

Although we didn’t get to play this build in the showroom, we were able to see a brand new level that wasn’t featured in the version we tested, and were even able to ask him a few questions afterward. Read on to find out what he had to say, and what the demonstration was like!

If you haven’t heard of Bayonetta yet, you must be living under a rock. Developed by Platinum Games (of MadWorld fame), Bayonetta is an over-the-top, absurd action game in the same vein as Devil May Cry. This time, instead of behind-the-back stylistic shotgun gunplay, you’ll get “boot-on-foot, whirlwind gun-crazy” action.

Hashimoto started off the demonstration in a completely wrecked, entropic city overflowing with lava. Immediately, action ensues, and various dog-like creatures phase-in from below. Bayonetta then goes apeshit all over their demon-asses. A few quick slices, and aerial maneuvers later, the creatures are near death, and then the unimaginable happens: Hashimoto summons a giant iron maiden torture contraption to decimate the creatures.

We were later told that this is a new “torture system”, in lieu of Devil May Cry‘s Devil Trigger bar. When full, you can press B and Y at the same time to unleash a torture move. In addtion to the iron maiden torture special, we saw in the demo include:

  • Bayonetta throwing the enemy into a guillotine trap, literally kicking their ass for a few seconds until pulling the slicer. Off with their head!
  • Bayonetta throwing a giant shuriken into the enemy’s back, then proceeding to slam it over and over into their bloody carcass.

The city started to overflow with lava, and Hashimoto quickly sped to a nearby wall, where he proceeded to simply walk up it. Bayonetta uses her witch powers to stick on walls, and is even able to simply stand still on them (be warned, motion sickness sufferers, it’s intense!). With a giant lava wave in pursuit, Aladdin style, Hashimoto quickly makes it to a church, where a confidential cutscene ensues.

That’s all we’re allowed to share with you regarding this particular build, but we were able to get a few questions out of Hashimoto.

Gamer Limit: “What would you say influenced the design for Bayonetta the character?”

Hashimoto: “I don’t feel like Bayonetta was influenced by anyone in particular. Really, I just sat down and thought of a character that was not only stylish, but sexy.”

Gamer Limit: “How strong of an influence would you say Devil May Cry is on Bayonetta?”

Hashimoto: “Bayonetta is a completely unique experience. I wouldn’t say Devil May Cry influenced it in any way.”


I would agree: Devil May Cry‘s style is amatuer compared to Bayonetta‘s over-the-top “sexiness”. Stay tuned for my hands-on impressions of the playable version of Bayonetta.

Pro-tip: It’s amazing.

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