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Another E3 has come and gone, the buzz and excitement of which has been rampant amongst the gaming community as gossip has flowed from every outlet available. We’ve had announcements, teasers, trailers, leaks, revelations and ultimately…inevitable disappointments.

So let’s take a moment to stop peering into the distant future for a moment, and instead take a quick look back over the previous month’s releases as we present you with the very first of Gamer Limit’s Game of the Month!

Looking back, May was crammed full with action packed titles across all the platforms. Exclusive to Sony’s PS3 we saw Sucker Punch Productions release the electric Infamous as it zapped its way onto the console delivering fast-paced and explosive gameplay, with the added choice of playing the game as a hero or a villain. Bionic Commando swang its way back into our hearts and minds with a thrill ride of a remake, bringing the NES classic to life on the current generation of consoles.

We also saw movie tie-ins claim some game time, as X-Men Origins: Wolverine bested the performance of the movie it was actually based on, meeting high praise all round as fans flocked to the satisfying sound of Snikt in Raven Software’s brawler. Receiving mixed praise, Terminator: Salvation allowed us to step into the futuristic war zone that we have all wanted to see since we first saw the original Terminator movie. The Wii joined in the party too, re-making the classic Punch-Out, bolder and brighter than ever before, with the added immersion of motion control which was never an option back in the original game’s hay day on the NES. PC titles even managed to wangle their way onto the console with Sacred 2 showing everyone how an RPG should be done. It’s not just the big names that have seen praise this month, as Tripwire Interactive released Killing Floor to an underwhelming, yet positive reaction.

Alas, you may have worked it out already, but none of these fine titles was voted the top of the crop. So with no further delay, I present to you, the Gamer Limit Game of the Month: May!


It’s clear to see that Popcap have done it again, the developers who have been responsible for killing nearly all office productivity with Peggle and Bejeweled have released a new smash hit, for the casual and hardcore alike. Plants vs. Zombies takes a step beyond regular tower defense games offering an incredibly wide variety of plants to use to defend yourself with, allowing a multitude of strategies to form.

Some zombies will force the use of specific plants to maintain your brain in its original un-eaten capacity, keeping the freedom to pick what you want at a constant balance with the defensive requirements. The game is gifted with its own unique and wonderful style, as well as superb music and sound effects. With additional modes, challenges and an adventure mode that will keep you occupied for a hefty amount of time, this game is worth every penny, and for that reason we give it the honours of Gamer Limit’s very first Game of the Month.

Check back next month when we will discuss the highlights of June and pick our next favourite title.

  1. How did Plants Vs. Zombies beat out inFAMOUS?! I demand a recount. >:(

  2. Check out my charming, endearing ode to PopCap, in free verse form:

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