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Hey all you Xbox Livers, get ready to spend some of those hard earned Microsoft points! Tomorrow, two brand new additions to the XBLA library will be available for 800 points each ($10).

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The first newcomer is Droplitz, a puzzle game from Blitzarcade, the same team responsible for the overhead shooter Powerup Forever, and it’s a new form of the pipe game we all know and love.  Instead of laying down the pipe, you take circles that are already on the field and twist them until you create a clear path.

The second title, one you fighting fans have been waiting for, is SNK’s Garou: Mark of the Wolves.  This was rumored a couple of month’s ago (since Japan had it) and now it’s finally making its way onto American soil again.  Considered, by fans, one of the best 2-d fighters around, $10 dol…*ahem* 800 Microsoft points is a bargain for this gem.

Make sure you sign in tomorrow to check these out and stay tuned to GamerLimit for any and all of your gaming news!

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  1. My job pays me solely in Microsoft Points.

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