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Final Fantasy XIV was announced yesterday afternoon at Sony’s E3 press conference following a new Final Fantasy XIII trailer. The audience was shocked to hear that Final Fantasy XIV Online would be released in 2010 as a PS3 exclusive along with the eagerly anticipated Final Fantasy XIII.

Conference-goers and those of us stuck at home watching the live stream were treated to a beautiful, painfully short teaser. Later yesterday evening (June 2nd) Square-Enix launched the official Final Fantasy XIV web site, yielding a few extra, but not overly generous, morsels of information.

For those of you who missed it, the FFXIV website is showcasing the trailer shown at E3 in hi-def. The site also pictures a scrolling mural-esque concept art image. It looks like Final Fantasy XIV will be incorporating all of the races – tarutaru, elvaan, hume, galka and mithra – from SE’s previous MMORPG, Final Fantasy XI.


Square has also posted some information on the development team, as well as some brief tidbits on the game itself. It looks as though Final Fantasy XIV will fall under the MMORPG genre, so those of you expecting a single player Final Fantasy game with some additional multiplayer elements may be slightly disappointed. Additionally, although FFXIV was deemed a PS3 exclusive, it seems this will only apply to console versions of the game as this unexpected new member of the Final Fantasy series will also be available for Windows upon release.

Final Fantasy XIV has brought back many of the people who were responsible for Final Fantasy XI, including Hiromichi Tanaka and Nobuaki Kimoto. It’s worth noting that Nobuo Uematsu will also be returning to the Final Fantasy franchise, as he has been listed under the main staff for music under his independent company Smile Please Co.

Anything else regarding Final Fantasy XIV is pure speculation at this point. With the return of the races from Final Fantasy XI, it appears as though SE hopes to build off of the world of their first MMORPG. 2010 looks to be a year to look forward to, with the expected release of two major Final Fantasy titles. Hopefully Final Fantasy XIV will be able to carry on the strengths that made Final Fantasy XI so engaging while also improving on its many downsides.

  1. Was so weird when this came up in the press conference, the audience didn’t know if it was joke or not.

  2. I guess this is pretty cool…I just wish I liked MMOs, so I could get excited about this.

    Or for that matter, if I did like MMOs, I would wish I had a PS3. A PS3-exclusive MMO? We’ll see how long THAT lasts.

  3. @Colin
    We all though he slipped and meant “Versus XIII”

  4. avatar Sean

    Cj, your gonna play this!

  5. Want this game. Now I have to get 3 Final Fantasy games next year. :/

  6. avatar Mii

    Was that REALLY a tarutaru in the mural? If this game doesn’t bring back Tarutaru… anywho. This game will be THE game of the next CENTURY. If you’re not in… you’re missing out. FFXI has lasted a good 7+ years. This is screaming for double that. I’ll be there on day one despite the lag for the first month from people downloading content lol.

  7. avatar Scott

    I also thought Jack just slipped up and was actually talking about Versus, until that first trailer shot came up…wow. Hell of a teaser announcement.

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