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Y’know, I grew up in the south and I know plenty of hillbillys. You all know what those are, right? Yeah, overalls, missing teeth, shotguns, moonshine, and lots of fishing are involved in that sort of lifestyle. Well, what happens when you put that world into post apocalyptic mode? Well, you get Fallout 3′s Point Lookout!

Fallout 3: Point Lookout releases on June 23rd!

Hit the trailer after the jump, and consume even more media assets from E3 2009!

  1. avatar Jshepard

    Holy! These expansion packs just don’t stop do they!

  2. avatar Nathan

    This looks f”"”ing amazing i cant wait. it kinda reminds me of wrong turn

  3. avatar Brian

    Mothership Zeta will be way better.

  4. avatar Fo3 fan(atic)

    I can’t wait for mothership zeta in July, I hope there will be lots of alien weapons!!!

  5. avatar Bob

    this expansion is gonna be freckin awesome!!!! and the mothership zeta is gonna be even cooler!!! i say keep comin with the expansions!!!!

  6. avatar JELLY DONUT

    oh my GOD!!! this game is gonna be the stuff!! you get all these new weapons like the shotgun and lever rifles!! and the new enemies!! i say bring em on!! i hope the mothership expansion will give you access to a alien rifle or something!! And it would be cool if they came out with dlc where you go to california to defeat the enclave or go to new york or something!!! oh and betheda is sooo awesome!! they did good with oblivion too!!!

  7. avatar yeah...

    be cool if theyd let u have the firelance as i missed that one
    and i cumpulsively collect all the weapons and armor in the lockers at my house

  8. avatar dude...

    me again but wit a different name
    im gonna let all that stereotypical southern stuff slide
    as long as they give me a db shotgun…mmm shotgun

  9. avatar Crazy

    cant wait till point lookout dude i agree as long as their is a double barrel shotgun, but mothership zeta will be beast, it would be pretty cool to make it multiplayer if u wanted to so people can help you, trade with you, heal you, and give you stuff, but not kill you but if they could kill you make you respawn with all your stuff because somebody will have something somebody wants and they would just kill you and take it.

  10. avatar Gene Quagmire

    It’s just a generic version of Lincoln’s repeater (which is probably the best practical weapon in the game. I don’t see how the double barreled shotty could be better than the Terrible Shotgun but hopefully I’m wrong about that. Can’t wait for release!

  11. avatar Joe

    hey erm is the release date for both US and Uk and exactly what hour is the release at? damn this looks hill billy killin good!!

  12. you’d think it would be at 12:01 EST or somewhere around there..

  13. Bethesda has told me it should be live as of Midnight Monday, maybe a bit later on Tuesday morning.

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