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I’m sure most of you have seen the original “World of Warcraft cancellation freak out kid” by now. For those who have been actually playing WoW nonstop during the popularization of this video (if I still played, I know I would have!) the basic premise is: some kid’s mom cancels his WoW account, and starts throwing a temper tantrum. His brother “cleverly” hides a camera inside said freak out kid’s room, and hilarious ensues. Some people think it’s actually a real video, but if you watch the original, he’s clearly acting.

Regardless of the origin of the clip, the original is so loosely related to video games it would be hard to justify a post, but this particular Japanese created gem remixes the kid’s screams into a beautiful rendition of one of the best tunes from Kirby. Follow the jump and humor a medium suffering a slow news day.

  1. It’s so disgustingly epic.

  2. This is the best viral video I have ever seen. The funniest part is my roommate walked right in while the kid was shoving the remote up his behind. OMG! The combination of everything happening at once made me laugh so hard that I actually threw up. My goodness.

  3. avatar Cedge

    I’m so sick of this stupid, crappy video.

  4. avatar Richard

    This is just a hilarious but weird clip, Weird in a good way, Bloody hilarious imo

  5. avatar Locky

    That kid filming is bloody hilarious- Mate, Good ty for making me piss my pants laughing xD

  6. avatar Anonymous

    this is so funny, i love it!!

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