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The lucky people who are subscribed to the UK gaming magazine Edge have been given possible the most awesome gaming PixelArt poster of all time, check it out after the jump.


Click to see me in fullsize

The poster was done by well known Pixel artist Gary Lucken, and it is packed full of video game references.

I’m able to spot

  • The Doom Blob
  • Speedball
  • Space Invaders
  • Pacman
  • Link
  • Megaman
  • Protoman
  • Darwinians
  • Pong
  • Mario
  • Yoshi
  • Subzero
  • Ken [Street Fighter]
  • Guile
  • Cloud [FF7]
  • Moogles

Who can you spot?

*Edit, reader Gabriel just alerted me that he has created a grid version for anyone who is serious about character hunting, available here.
Thanks Gabriel.

Source: Edge

  1. This is really neat.

    I’m really digging the Parappa shoutout!

  2. That is awesome, I can’t wait for my Edge in the post now…Going to go wait by the postbox.


  4. Oooh I like it! New desktop background.

  5. avatar Djshep

    I can see what looks like one of the cars from crazy taxi and also master chief (stood in front of a building on the right side)

  6. That Waverace in the bottom left? I loved that game on the N64.

  7. The doom blob is called a cacodemon

  8. This is definitely my wallpaper on my PC now. Diggin’ the Brain Age Doctor’s hot air balloon on the right side.

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