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With an astounding slew of games offered by Capcom, including the first mystery game being revealed as Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars exclusively for the Wii, its hard to believe that one mystery game still exists, waiting till the time is right to make a grand appearance. In the meantime, however, come take a look at the vibrant and exotic atmosphere that is Lost Planet 2. As I took up arms with three other fellow E3 goers (thats right, the demo could ONLY be played cooperatively), I was slightly blown away by the sheer detail the once ice and snow covered planet now displayed in a rich, exotic jungle setting. But just because the setting looks shiny and pretty doesn’t mean that the feel of the landscape has changed; it still proves difficult, in a good way, to trudge your way around, giving a realistic feel as you travel through the extreme (I’m sorry) jungle terrain. Like its predecessor, the lay of the land offers many strategic holding points that provides tactical advantages as combat ensues.

Combat generally remains unchanged from the first game, keeping with the time-tested third person shooter make-up. However, one very welcomed change was the absence of T-ENG (Thermal-Energy) to collect and keep yourself alive. I could solely concentrate on the mission before me and not worry about passing out because I couldn’t keep my character “warm” enough to survive.


Now, as the demo continued, my partners and I were charged with the destruction of a classic, gigantic Capcom spider-esque monster that took up the entire screen generally during the course of the fight. Running around with three others in co-op proved to be very satisfying, as one player alone was not enough to take down such a beast. VS, or Vital Suits, make a triumphant return, allowing for quicker devastation and better protection from both the terrain and enemies. New to the VS, though, is the ability for your teammates to either grab hold of the side and become an extra gunner using their standard weapons, or if the VS is equipped with it, take up a turret that sat on either side of the mech suit. I had a blast just sitting at a turret, pummeling away at the boss, as one of my members of my team zipped around for more strategic positioning.

The boss, in one simple word, was epic. The demo consisted of just the one fight, but lasted anywhere from 15 to 25 minutes of straight classic Capcom carnage. I thoroughly enjoyed watching as detached minigun after missle launcher after minigun from downed Vital Suits to assist my partners against such a hulking beast. Although looking slightly awkward with a gun roughly the size of the character, I was pleased to find this feature found its way back into the sequel, for the measly firepower from a standard machine gun was like shooting BBs at Superman.


Overall, Lost Planet 2 proved to be quite impressive. The addition of fully integrated co-op gave a great new feel to a generally unchanged core game and has this E3 goer begging for more. If you’ve heard of the “The Smoking Gun,” look for my mugshot pretty soon; I may just have to steal me a copy of this robust gaming experience. Look for Lost Planet 2 in early 2010.

  1. So glad this is coming to PS3

  2. avatar Jshepard

    Co-op is the deal maker :D

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