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Everyone has been on the edge of their seat for more details regarding Capcom’s Dark Void. Will it become a new, sucessful IP similar to Lost Planet? Or, will it in fact be justLost Planet with a jetpack”?

Honestly, after playing the game, I can safely say it’s the latter.

You play as Will, a soldier who was kicked out of the military for insubordination, before crashing his freighter plane into the Bermuda Triangle. Will ends up in an alternate dimension, where alien beings known as “Watchers” reign supreme like Gods over the humans in the realm. It’s your job to help the “Survivors” escape back to earth.

Although the setting did feel a tad bland, the real meat is certainly in the gameplay. Oh, and this involves lots of jetpacking: sometimes with fun sprinkled in.


Dark Void had 3 levels included with the demo, and we were able to play two of them to completion. The first drops you into an aztec-temple type area with a lower-class hover pack (you don’t have your full-on jetpack yet), and pits you against a myriad of Watchers. The actual combat is fairly basic, but extremely fun. You can throw grenades with the left bumper, shoot with the right trigger, melee, and use your jetpack by hitting X after jumping.

Hovering while fighting is extremely fun, and shortly after wasting a few Watchers you’ll encounter the unique “vertical cover system”. By pressing X when the appropriate cursor displays on screen, you’ll automatically leap underneath jutting rocks. You can then shoot upwards at enemies, or even chuck nearby foes overboard with the click of the B button.

The other stage required you to destroy multiple shield generators in an island-like setting; this time with your your trusty fully-functional jetpack. You’ll immediately want to start flying around, and if you’re daring, just free-fall constantly. I spent probably 5 minutes just flying to the top of the map, free-falling, and then blasting away at the last second, Rocketeer style.

When you’re done oogling over the feel of the jetpack, you can meander your way to the first shield generator. From here on in, it’s a long, epic vertical climb to the top to destroy the power console. In true action-game fashion, it blows up just as you get out of the tower, but the intensity doesn’t stop there, as multiple enemy spacecraft respond to the distress signal sent out by the destroyed tower.

I had an instant flashback of Pixar’s Incredibles when I saw these flying saucer looking ships zooming towards me at full speed. You can go Ahnold style and blow them all to bits with your machine gun, but if you fly right by the ships, you can also hijack them, Halo style. The demo presenter told me that all of this was in real time, and any other ships could actually kill me while I was ship-jacking.

After you actually sabotage the controls, you’ll get to engage in what I call a “Will Smith Vs. Alien” scuffle with the pilot before throwing him off and taking control of the vessel. As luck would have it, the next time I tried I was successful, and used my new found ship to blast the other two away.

img_0519 also got some 1 on 1 time with the lead developer for Dark Void, Bradley Rebh. Although he couldn’t reveal much information to us at this time, he did hint that the team was working on a possible multiplayer build.

Will it be DLC, or saved for Dark Void 2, we don’t know, but it sounds promising (jetpack battles!). He also let us know that “the hard mode for Dark Void will be, in fact, extremely hard”, which is a very big plus for me, definitely warranting another replay after normal mode.

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