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Oddly enough, Toy Story Mania for the Nintendo Wii is based off of the famous ride in Walt Disney World. Having rode it numerous times, I did have a basis for comparison when I picked up this game.

Although many dissenters to mini-game collections will simply write this off, it does hit home when it comes to the casual audience it targets, and that’s certainly not a bad thing.

Toy Story Mania is a fairly simple mini-game shoot out gallery collection that features the loveable characters from the hit Pixar movie series. Controls are solely in a light-gun fashion, without a reticle following your movements (which is a tad disappointing). Most of the gameplay is spent shooting targets worth various amounts of points, from 100-1000.


The E3 build included:

Pie Toss: A simple game involving guess what, pies (!) that you throw at Buzz and Woody, who are holding targets.

Space Rings: A carnival-esque ring toss

Army Air Raid: A target based shooter with army men dropping in on occasion

Rootin’ Tootin’ Shootin’ – An old west set up with targets

There are mini-objectives that are clearly highlighted at the beginning of each stage by characters such as Jessie. Goals like “shoot all the cacti” or “stop the robbers” will net you extra points. In true Wii fashion, every few minutes or so there will be a “waggle-riffic” event where you earn points simply for waggling the Wii-mote frantically. I wasn’t fond of this mechanic because I felt like it added nothing to the game, which otherwise was based entirely on skill.


Toy Story Mania was a very simple game that converts a theme park ride into a familiar home experience. Personally, I’m a big fan of Toy Story, so I can look past it’s simplicity, but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone but a Disney fan.

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  1. avatar Vintrus

    Love Pixar, but as a game it looks pretty bad.

  2. I agree, bit a generic cashin, like most of the animated movies have.

  3. avatar Chris Bolt

    Those of us who have waited hours to ride this at WDW (*cough* Chris Carter *cough*) know that this game is going to be awesome. It may look corny and whatnot but I want a Wii JUST to play this game.

  4. avatar Mike T

    Anyone who thinks this will be a boring game, has never played the real version of it at Disney Worlds MGM Studios!!! We are so excited to see that they are bringing this to the Wii System!!! Thanks Pixar and Disney!!!

  5. avatar jeff f

    as a real disney fan i cannot wait till this comes out for 2 reasons my kids will love it .and it comes out before i ride it for the first time in november .

  6. avatar Mat

    I rode TSMM at WDW 9 times and said that they should make a wii game of it. I absolutely loved the ride, heck we even went back to Disney Studios one extra morning just to ride it 3 more times. I know my kids and I will love the game. Probably simple, yes, but likely highly addictive and very fun.

  7. avatar Tawni

    I have rode the ride at DL and I am the biggest disney nut. I wanted to spend all day on the ride and i felt like crying when i had to come back home. Ironically i told my bf that if i could have one in my i would… i never thought it would be for wii. now i am buyin a wii just to play this game. it will be great and all those saying it will suck needs to ride the ride. because honestly i thought the rode sounded lame until i rode it.

  8. avatar mike b

    i hope or wish this would be in 3d like the ride.

  9. avatar Boochy

    It will have unlockable 3D bonus feature according to amazon.

  10. avatar Brian

    I am beyond excited for this game. The first time i rode the ride a year ago i said they should make a video game.

  11. @Brian
    Haha, I just rode it again the other day, and had to pop in to say how amazing it was.

  12. avatar boogetti

    I too will be buying a WII so I can play the game!!!! The ride was awesome and I can’t wait to see my sons reaction when he sees it on our tv… how do I get the buss and nemo ride at home!! LOL

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