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In a very expansive Nintendo exhibit which attracted zounds of E3 goers, mostly flocking to the free “feather” stylus being given away to anyone who played the Zelda: Spirit Tracks demo, Wii Motion Plus seemed to be somewhat of an undercurrent of Nintendo’s showcase. Yet, my passion for golf (both real and virtual) could not go overlooked, and I quickly found myself fighting through the Zelda line to get my hands on Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10. Holding the new designed “club” in my hand for the first time, I felt no difference from last year’s model, as the Wii Motion Plus’ weight addition is relatively non-existent and felt right at home in the palm of my hand. As I settled in with a couple of practice strokes, I noticed that my motions were picked up with much greater accuracy than I’ve ever experienced in a Wii game. Rather than just using a flick of my wrist, the game required me to utilize my super-uber-leet golfing skills. Just like in real life, my first shot sliced tremendously to the right, making its way clear onto the adjacent par.

Although becoming slightly frustrated with my penalty stroke, I was thoroughly impressed that it picked up the slice on my initial drive shot, for 80% of the time thats exactly what happens when I play on a real course. Also included, which slacked my jaw just a bit, was the ability to pull of what are known as “draw and fade” shots. Those unfamiliar with the golf terminology, the draw and fade shots are used to adapt to the terrain and are much smaller versions of a hook or a slice, respectively. Putting remains generally the untouched, as the same concept of reading the slope of the green.


Overall, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 was highly enjoyable, both as a game and as a way to perfect my golf stroke, but remained generally unchanged (that is, besides the Wii Motion Plus) from last year’s installment. Look for the newest installment next week, June 8th.

  1. avatar stevenp

    Putting “remained generally unchanged”??? Are yo u kidding? They finally FIXED it! No more multiple putters with different ‘strengths’ or unpredictable half-strength shots. You can actually putt like a real putter, with bigger wind-up and faster stroke for long shots, just a nudge for a knock-in, etc. You can simply pretend that you’re putting for real, and it will work as expected. The putting in the 07 and 09 versions was very problematical and frustrating. (I never played TW08.)

  2. avatar Hasnain

    I hadn’t really noiectd problems with my regular controller.. My mine has a good sensor bar who knows. Or maybe it’s more noticeable in the war games and such but I’ve had no problems on RPG or Sports no lag or mis-maneuvers. So I’m not in a terrible rush or need for the M+ especially since it doesn’t work on the older games.

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