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So now that Sony unveiled MAG in action, and surprised everyone with it being available on the floor with all 256 players online, it’s time to get see how the game plays with a controller in your hand. I sat down and started up my foray into the massive action game, and here is my summary: MAG is a standard first person shooter with a large amount of players segmented into small groups.

There may be 256 people playing, and they affect the outcome of the game, but you won’t find more than thirty people (and that is a generous number) on your screen at one time.

The beginning of my demo started with a helicopter base deploying my unit about a hundred yards from my squad’s objective. Each player, out of the 256, is assigned a squad with an array of tactical targets and two main objectives. These objectives give players advantages over each other, like destroying radar or building a forward outpost that players can spawn from. The main objectives alter a bar on the top of the screen that determines which side is the victor at the end of the match. The map has a great scale and the objectives are spread out to give players a bit of running room.

Honestly, there isn’t much to say about the game besides it works, and it isn’t terrible. The biggest complaint I had about the game was that there was some lag when throwing weapons and sometimes enemies would die a few seconds after absorbing a few rounds (again, the lag was the culprit). What was most impressive was the amount of sound going on during the invasion. Bullets ricocheting off everything, vehicles rolling past your avatar, and constant explosions from grenades and rockets. It was astounding that, at times, the sound would overtake the massive ambient noise coming from the floor.

Of course, sectioning off your army isn’t done the way everyone thought it would be, but the segmented squads, are necessary. As awesome as it sounds to have 128 people charging over the mound to take over your compound, would you be willing to deal with massive lag spikes just to witness it?

I can’t think of a console game delivering that experience without subjecting players to more problems than benefits, but I appreciate MAG‘s ingenuity in bringing 255 people to our living rooms. Hopefully, when more of the game is revealed, we’ll see a nice range of different maps with varying objectives.

What are your thoughts on how the game could work?

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  1. Shame, I had hoped this would be great. But I was sceptical about buying it anyway.

  2. avatar Joe

    I’m buying this anyway. I saw the gameplay, and it looks to b alot of fun. Looked similar to CoD4, but with more to do.

  3. avatar Dr Oliver

    @ Xbot, Why, because he speaks the truth?

    Did anyone really believe there would be 256 people on screen at once? And that there wouldn’t be lag issues? I knew all along that this game would have no choice but to break the players down into squads. 256 13 years olds running around doing what ever they want at the same time, all screaming profanities in their mics at the same time, it would be utter chaos and wouldn’t work.

    So it basically breaks the entire fight down into several matches that are being played consecutively. So it really is nothing more then the same kind of multiplayer games we play today. Visuals are good, and hopefully the core of the game play is good.

  4. avatar dudeman

    it not their fault there is massive lag, they are trying to do their best to make the lag as minimal with as most action going on as possible. The last part to this is our internet service.

    Trust me if this was exclusive to Japan there would be almost no lag at all, simply because of their no bullshit internet service with hiigh download and upload rates and a high number of customers hooked to up fiber. Here in the U.S is a different story. Sometime i wonder how that Onlive service is going to thrive in a country with internet infrastructure like outs.

  5. avatar tjones68

    ha, doctor oliver, your an idiot. like said before, its not zippers fault that it lags. and what can the red ring of death machine produce? 16 players???? thats pathetic. the ps2 could do that. the psp can do that. how sad. sony is trying to expand the ways of online gaming a little at a time. that is just the tech demo. i bet when this releases it will be epic.

  6. avatar SoCo

    These people who are dissing MAG are retarded and sipping on the Haterade. There are videos of MAG’s gameplay, and it looks amazing. There is little to no lag, and the gameplay seems very intense and awesome. This reported is not a gamer, so don’t listen to his biased opinion. And the Xbots are trying to dis MAG but are doing a horrible job.

  7. avatar mike

    Are you ppl dumb its not even close to coming out yet so of course theres going to be a few bugs in the system wait till launch to make absurd judgements and BTW ive seen more lag in 5on5 matches of Gears2 than I saw in the 256 battle that is MAG.

  8. avatar Xbot

    It’s going to be the best online game ever made, Zipper is one of the best game devs of all time.

  9. avatar name

    its just the start they will tweak the lag down to a minimum.
    and in a interview 2 months ago the lead designer said you will be going up against 128 players at once at the end of the battle.
    as each objective is complete the battle gets bigger untill your whole team is united than its a 128V128 death match.
    and to the guy complaining abous US internet speed come to australia than you will see what slow internet is like.

  10. avatar Pope

    I am buying it BECAUSE this guy thinks it’s ‘meh’! In fact, I am going to buy a PS3 purely because this ‘professional journalist’ is so wrong.

    I have spent HOURS on the show floor playing this (much longer than this ‘professional journalist’) and it is great! Obviously the LA convention center does not have the best connection in the world but the game is shaping up nicely.

  11. avatar Percy

    How about this game. Shooter A its kinda blah aliens come and attack your planet so you get some guns and shoot them till they go away and thats all there really is to do. How many awesome games does that explain. As long as it fun people will play it. Look at mmo’s all they are is kill lvl one guys till your lvl 2 kill lvl 2 guys till your 3 but millions of people pay monthly fees do do that for years.

  12. avatar Bassmeant_RaW

    Yeah about the 13 year olds you mentioned… vote to kick option hopefully will take care of that.

    odds are if i dont know you and yer in my squad or on my team, im voting to kick you out. would rather go in shorthanded with trusted members then roll with a full stack and 2 of em are morons. or kids.

    this game is gonna be fine, dont worry about the reviewer… sounds like a cat who doesnt know fps games or isnt very good at em.

    How about you let the players decide if a game is good… you should to just reporting what id does and hold your opinion on the bells and whisltes.


  13. avatar Gun_Senshi

    This guy is the guy that said:

    64 player Resistance 2 was spun as “Sony showing off”

    Ratchet and Clank was marked down for “Too much variety”

    They tried to trash Killzone 2 for “Being pretty”

    They tried to trash MSG4 for “Being just a movie”

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  14. avatar Toku

    I find your hands-on article vague. You mention how awesome the scale of the game is yet you put it down because of lag. Gears of War 2 was frustratingly laggy when it first launched and that game only supported 10 players online. MAG supports up to 256 players and had lag spikes that last a few seconds, I think that’s a breakthrough right there. If you’ve shot an enemy and he died a minute later then I understand your point, but that’s not the case here. And I hope you realize that you were playing an unfinished build with an unfinished netcode.

  15. avatar Naru33

    You guys are idiots, first of all saying 13 year old children will mess it up, is just plain stereotype. Maturity isnt based on age at all.

    As for MAG, I AM GOING TO GET IT!!!

  16. avatar Jimbo

    I was 13 when I was playing PC shooters like the BF series and Joint Operations, and yea, most of us would shout obscenities, but we were better than most of the older guys.
    Anyway, This reporter just seems to hate on good PS3 games. Ask anyone else who played at E3: they loved it.

  17. Stop hating on Chase guys. It’s his own OPINION on how he felt when he played the game. Not everyone likes the same games or feels the same way about them. So lay off.

  18. avatar Coreyvf

    Rossi, we all have our own opinion too. It’s that Chase is a biased moron.

  19. avatar SoCo

    C. Rossi wrote: “Stop hating on Chase guys. It’s his own OPINION on how he felt when he played the game. Not everyone likes the same games or feels the same way about them. So lay off.”

    We’re hating on him because he’s a flaming X-bot who obviously has issues on giving Sony credit for their amazing accomplishments.

  20. Oh grow up, the both of you. X-bot? Please.

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