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Tony Hawk himself was here at the E3 showfloor to show us a demonstration of his latest game, Tony Hawk Ride. As you already know, the latest edition of the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series will ship with an interactive skateboard controller.

Not only did Tony talk about how Ride came to fruition, but he also played on-stag with the E3 Ride contest winner. Hit the jump for some pictures, and more information!

On the Activision stage right here on the showfloor, Tony Hawk explained that he always wanted to make a home version of the popular arcade skating game: Top Skater. He went on to explain that after many years of tests, he finally came to Activision and explained his vision for a home version of Tony Hawk.

Now, with the vast amount of technological advances in the video game industry, it’s possible to create an authentic skating experience right in your own home. Before Tony took the stage to compete against the winner of Activision’s “Skate with Tony” contest, he gave us two final words regarding Ride: “it’s hot!”

We’re itching to get our hands on Ride, and we’ll give you our impressions as soon as the chaos clears in the Activision showfloor. In the meantime, enjoy the pictures!





  1. Wow, you got up close and personal, Chris!

    “SECURITY!!” ;o)

    nice work… I’m sooo jealous

  2. avatar Jshepard

    Amazing work GL boys!
    My biggest problem is nearly every gamer I know has there TV quite close to the floor, but this require it to be quite high or you’ll get a pretty bad back from crouching too much watching the TV while trying to skate.

  3. I agree with that. Also, does everybody have massive living space in front of the TV? My bed is in the bloody way!

  4. avatar jeff candido

    then don’t get it loser.

  5. avatar jeff candido

    or maybe you should work a little harder in the real world, make more money and get a bigger house.

  6. avatar mike d

    jeff loosen up, dont be so CANDID and cynical lol

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