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A teaser trailer for the highly anticipated Gran Turismo 5 was unveiled by Sony at today’s E3, offering some tantalising glimpses of new racing events, as well as the much sought after inclusion of damage! View the all new teaser trailer after the break.


After premiering a stunningly realistic recreation of a detailed city, complete with human inhabitants, the trailer showcased the now obligatory photo realistic graphics and introduced some brand new racing events to the series, revealing that players will be able to take part in official WRC and Nascar events.
But best of all was the teasing of the one solitary feature that has been on the wishlists of most devoted Gran Turismo veterens since its debut – damage. Watching cars crumple into a glorious spectacle of delicious destruction has always been a prime delight for me, and whilst the true extent of the damage remains to be seen, the fact it has finally made it into the series at all is a fact to rejoice upon.

I must be dreaming.

So, Gran Turismo now has Ferrari? Check. Damage? Check. Lambourghini? Porsche? Erm, I’ll get back to you on that. Sadly, no release date was stated, but previous speculation has pointed to a possible 2010 release.

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    Ive been waiting for this game to come out just to buy a PS3. About time.

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