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Well what do we have here? Why it’s only Gran Turismo PSP (formerly known as Gran Turismo Mobile), the notorious portable iteration of the titanic racing series. You know, the one which was originally intended to coincide with the launch of the PSP some 4 years ago.

Delays aside, Gran Turismo PSP is finally a reality, and the first glimpse we have ever had of it in action certainly looked impressive.

The revealing trailer and a now hopefully trustful release date can all be found after the break.

Let’s cut straight to the chase. From the trailer, you could barely tell Gran Turismo PSP apart from its Playstation 2 cousin, Gran Turismo 4. This is thanks mainly to the game’s frame rate of a solid sixty frames per second, which is quite an audacious feat for a handheld console.

It gets better, too. Gran Turismo PSP will feature no less than 800 cars and 35 tracks, with a further 60 varations of each given track, and will feature all of the usual modes of single player standard races, mission challenges, drift challenges and time trials. It really is the “full size Gran Turismo experience” in the palm of your hands.


There are also a few features exclusive to Gran Turismo PSP in order to make it more handheld friendly. Aside from the utilisation of the AD-HOC mode allowing online races with up to 4 players, cars can be traded between players through each other’s garages.

The belated release of Gran Turismo PSP is now set for October 1st. Stay tuned for some Gamer Limit impressions on the game straight from E3′s show floor.

  1. avatar Gary, England

    How many years has this been in development? E3 2009 comes along and all we get is this! There could of been more shown, more so the actual gameplay. Same goes for the PS3 version, hardly anything.

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