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David Jaffe, the man behind the direction of God Of War and Twisted Metal has wasted no time in declaring that Nintendo’s press conference at E3 was “shitty”. Hit the jump to see what he said – via his Twitter, of course.

The Eat Sleep Play founder had the following remark to make:

Even tho Nintendo had shitty press conference, they will prob sell the most this year. E3 winners do not=sales winners. Sega RULED E3 in 99!

There’s no doubt that Jaffe has made a valid point – Nintendo now have a strong hold on the gaming market, regardless of what they showed at E3 last year. However, considering some cool titles were announced earlier today, is this a little too harsh and even cowardly (considering it was said on Twitter!) from the man who we’d all love to see reveal Twisted metal PS3 this year?

Source: Twitter

  1. I do agree that all the stuff I’ve seen announced by Nintendo is pretty lame.

    However, I wonder what David Jaffe is up to? I hope he’s got something cool in the works. Otherwise it seems funny for him to criticize their showing when his resume consists of God of War, a few mediocre racing games, and a countless number of Twisted Metal installments.

  2. avatar Gary, England

    Yeah, a very poor showing by Nintendo. As history has proven, they don’t seem to release a lot of games for their consoles. 2008 was quite a poor year for the Wii, it looks the same for 2009. Mario Galaxy 2 didn’t really surprise me though. Usually it takes Nintendo something like 5 years to knock out another Mario platform game (Mario 64 to Mario sunshine as an example). And is anyone actually bothered about a new Zelda game for the Wii? I think the only games that I’d like to see on the Wii is Wave Race 3, Lylat Wars 2 and Mario Golf 3.

  3. avatar something funny

    what is the point of this article, everyone is unimpressed with nintendo’s conference…

  4. @funny
    Actually, a lot of people were VERY impressed by their conference. I find it a bit odd…

  5. @something funny,
    Yeah, I thought it was ok too. I think Jaffe was probably a little jealous he didn’t quite make this year!

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