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If E3 thought it was going to happen without a hitch this year, it’d better think again. The very idea of the impending release of EA’s Dante’s Inferno has driven a group of people to attend E3 in their own unique way.

The Saved Group, as they are known (we’ll call ‘em TSG), have been outside the convention center in Los Angeles waving around signs with message like “EA = Electronic Anti-Christ” , “Hell is not a game” and “InferNO.” While these are no doubt ingenious slogans and the passion of TSG can’t be faulted, you have to wonder why in the world they are doing this.

According to member Cherry Adams, it’s because they feel it “disrespects [themselves], the Bible, [and] the Christian belief.” She also believes that “we don’t need this right now in our society”, when referring to Dante’s ability to leave Hell and use a crucifix as a weapon.

“Our youth today live in a fantasy world to begin with,” she continued. “And they don’t need any encouragement to follow in the sins that are laid out in the levels of hell.”

It looks as though video games will continue to feel the brunt of this kind of opinion, while other mediums like movies, art and even books constantly use apparently blasphemous imagery and seem to get away with it. I do, however, agree that kids should be encouraged to read Dante’s Inferno before playing the game; it’ll probably turn out to be a far more worthwhile use of your time.

Source: Destructoid
Picture: The Los Angeles Times

Have you experienced anything slightly off-the-cuff at E3? Or have you heard of any other protests going around? Are these people being paid by EA? It wouldn’t surprise us at all.

  1. I read on another site (don’t get jealous, GL!) that these people actually were getting paid to be there as a publicity stunt. It makes sense. Why would people picket Dante’s Inferno when games like RapeLay are still being released in Japan? It’s like boycotting Simpsons: Hit and Run while ignoring Grand Theft Auto.

    So what if there are religious connotations in the game and poem? Without the religious aspect, Da Vinci Code would never have had any cultural relevance at all. It’s the easy way to get attention.

  2. @Llama
    It’s true, this is strongly rumored to be a publicity stunt, and there are probably 5 strong links to this being fake.

    But as for the “there’s no way they would protest something that’s been done before argument”: remember, these radical groups might have missed the niche Dead Space, or old Silent Hill. For all we know, they protested Silent Hill 10 years ago, and are looking for a new finger to point. No one really has their “track record”: they would just be looking for attention.

    But yea this is most likely fake.

  3. I did ask that very question in my last little bit: “Are these people being paid by EA? It would surprise us at all.”

    It does look a little staged and those EA logos are all too prefect!

  4. Perfect*

    and.. oops… “would” should have been “wouldn’t”. My bad. FIXED!

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