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Today Media Molecule announced that on Thursday, July 2, it will release a free “Sacktue of Liberty” costume for LittleBigPlanet to celebrate the U.S.A’s Independence Day. If you’re interested you better act quick. Media Molecule has stated that this costume will only be available for a limited time.

The official description reads, “Featuring the iconic crown and robe from the Statue of Liberty, the costume also includes the famous torch of enlightenment, complete with glowing flames of fabric.”

So while I’m outside drinking beers and blasting Springsteen on the Fourth, my PlayStation 3 will be hard at work, downloading this lovely costume.

Source: The Sacktue of Liberty.

  1. Awesome.

    Just think, you can now recreate the scene in Ghostbusters 2!

  2. I’m amazed Little Big Planet is still being supported for this long: props to Media Molecule.

    • avatar Katsuyoshi

      Then perhaps it geanteres enough heat to drive a small windmill , like the ones that live over some Christmas candlelights? (With angels hanging down at the edges. Know what I mean?)

  3. Northing is as cute as its Sack Boy version.

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