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After all the hype and hooplah concerning Modern Warfare 2, it is hard to find a place in our hearts for anything else right now. That is, until we realized that there is still plenty of World at War to be played.

Tomorrow, Treyarch releases a brand new set of three maps, and a new zombie map to entertain the masses. It will cost you 800 Microsoft Points (or $10.00 USD) and you will be rewarded with new achievements, and rays of sunshine throughout your day! Hit the jump for a brand new trailer for Shi No Numa, Zambi Swamp. it’s wicked.

  1. As much as i love to hate World At War i am totaly psyched about this new map pack especially Nazi Zombies.

  2. not just any zombies…imperial zombies!

  3. avatar zombie dude7

    stay away from my vodka! >[ the game looks awsome cant wait to play it

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