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Sony decided to finally give everyone a taste of live gameplay from their upcoming FPS epic, MAG.  With eight players on the stage, and 248 players…somewhere else, it was time to view the game as it should be, 128 vs 128.

Hit the jump for our first impressions.At the start of the demo they decided to scale back the map to show us what exactly is going on around them. Each team (128) is broken up into smaller squads and their goal is to assault the opposing players fortress.  Keep in mind here, EVERY single bullet and sound you here is going to be generated by your teammates and opposing players.

After showing us the scale (which is astounding) they decided to take us into battle and show us what the game looks like in motion.  The squad leader of the team on stage tried to use his UAV to give them a little more information on their target, but it was shot down by a couple of AA guns inside the fortress.  Since the group needs some eyes in the air they decided to press forward to take out the guns.

Advancing on the first enemy bunker, compelte with armor support, the squad met resistance from other players.  Here, unlike The Conduit, the connection was really strong.  There was no visible lag as each group clashed in a struggle to take the bunker.  The squad leader took the helm and told his group to take the bunker, giving him more points after its captured, and the team successfully routed the defenders.

Moving forward, the team began its assault on the AA gun.  Capturing it like a player would any other base in a FPS (standing by it) the group took out the pesky cannon and called in chopper support.  This ability let the sqauds spawn dead players closer to the inner workings of the enemy fortress.  As they closed in on the base the squad leader was free to use his air support, and he summoned a cluster bomb that eradicated a group of players giving them resistance.  That was the end of th demo.

Everything looked really smooth, albeit generic, and having different abilities (I would assume medics and heavy infantry, hopefully engineer) is going to give the game more depth than its already huge roster.  Lets hope our experience on the show floor is going to be as good as the demo they showed us.

Stay tuned for our hands on impressions.

  1. avatar Jshepard

    I watched the footage a few hours ago, honestly I wasn’t overly impressed…
    I mean the gameplay looked fantastic, but the graphics and models looked very bland.

  2. Can’t wait for MAG, its gonna be huge!

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