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Today Electronic Arts announced that it is restructuring its RPG and MMO development divisions. BioWare and Mythic Entertainment will combine into a new “studio group” headed by BioWare co-founder Ray Muzyka.

According to the post on Mythic’s official website, BioWare co-founder Greg Zeschuk will serve as Group Creative Officer and Mythic co-founder Rob Denton will act as General Manager of Mythic.  The post explicitly states that “BioWare’s studios remain unchanged and continue to report to Ray.”

Personally, I don’t know about this change. Mythic has been in troubled waters ever since EA purchased the company way back in June of 06. Despite favorable reviews, Warhammer Online didn’t sell as well as both Mythic and EA hoped. BioWare on the other hand has been doing fantastic with releases like Mass Effect garnering both critical and popular acclaim. The developer’s newest project, The Old Republic, a Star Wars based MMO is looking great. Hopefully this merger will give Mythic a leg up on the competition while letting BioWare continue to produce blockbuster titles.

Source: Mythic and BioWare Form New RPG/MMO Group.

  1. Perhaps this means we can look forward to some DAoC or Warhammer: Online style RvR combat in The Old Republic.

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