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If you have yet to check out any details for Platinum Games’ upcoming action game Bayonetta, you could do worse than read what our very own Chris Carter had to say about his experience watching producer Yusuke Hashimoto play through some of it. Hashimoto also answered a couple of our questions, and was very clear about a certain comparison along the way.

Asked about the extent that Devil May Cry influenced the title Hashimoto replied:

“Bayonetta is a completely unique experience. I wouldn’t say Devil May Cry influenced it in any way.”

Did Chris hit on a nerve with this question or is this a simple case of a producer eager to illustrate that their game should be judged on its own merits? Either way, this is yet another reason for anybody not attending E3 to be ever so slightly of those who have.

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  1. avatar Celeste

    lol i had the same problam with the same game. ok on the wii threes a little spot where you like flip it open and u can put in a memory card there a little sync button on it. and where u put the batteries in on the wii remote there a little sync button u have to push the sync button on the wii then on the controller and it should work.p.s. do this at the wii menu.

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