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If you’re an Atlus Faithful, meaning you subscribed to Atlus’ newsletter, then you might have received an e-mail concerning the Persona PSP remake today. Atlus will once again spoil Persona fans with a nice bonus. Along with the bonus, the e-mail confirms a September release.

Every launch copy of the game will come in a premium boxed package which contains a two-disc soundtrack. The remake will have new animations, music and content like the Snow Queen quest.

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona is scheduled to release on September 22.

  1. I’m still waiting patiently for a Growlanser PSP announcement…though, my patience is beginning to wane at this point.

  2. Atlus really, really knows how to spoil its fans. I was considering the possibility of skipping this game when it’s released later in the year, but this announcement changed my mind. The music in this seriously is so additively fantastic that the price is almost owrth it for the soundtrack alone, never mind the game.

  3. This kind of fan service makes me miss Working Designs… :’(

  4. avatar Angel

    Que lastima, yo hasta este af1o dbcsueri lo maravilloso que es Atlus, jugan el el shin megami tensei para snes y me enamore de la saga y sus spin-off, que lastima, espero que sea mentira esta notocia

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