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It is the middle of the week and perhaps you, like the rest of us, need a bit of a pick-me-up to continue trudging through towards a weekend of fun, frolic, and fancy-free. Or perhaps, like me, you needed a diversion from continually trying to upload the LimitCast for your patient listeners consumption even though it’s not working.

Maybe you’re sad that Duke Nukem isn’t forever and you can use this as a coping mechanism. Either way, this is one of the best reviews that Zero Punctuation has put out yet, and deserves a little bit of attention.

  1. Video dead for anyone else?

  2. I had thought to post that as news too this morning, but decided not to. Either way, very funny, and he makes a really good point: why should we care, and how did a development studio stay open for that long after producing nothing?

  3. I wish I was Duke Nukem. Then I’d be cool.

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