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You know that terrific eureka moment you get when you taste two great things that taste great together?  Peanut butter and jelly, pizza and ranch, french fries and ranch, sandwiches and ranch, celery and ranch.  Well go ahead and double dip some of your Super Smash Bros. into my big bowl of Team Fortress 2 and take a bite.  Morsels after the jump.

I can’t find a single thing this fan mash up did wrong.  They nailed it from the master hand/ gravity gun switcharoo all the way to the epic mid air clashes.  I’m dying to know how long this took to pull together.  Garry’s Mod is a helluva thing, isn’t it?

Next up, the intro to Final Fantasy 7 with Metal Gear Solid characters.

Source: NeoGaf [via Destructoid]

  1. Agree, that was pretty awesome

  2. This combines my two loves. Smash Bros and Team Fortress!

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