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What will they think of next? A researcher and World of Warcraft fan at the Massachusetts University of Technology (MIT) has designed and created a pod that allows players to literally play their favourite game for extended periods of time without so much as leaving their seat. Hit the jump for more details and images.

Described as “an immersive architectural solution for the advanced WoW player that provides and anticipates all life needs”, the self-contained contraption is designed to resemble a hut from within the MMO and includes a throne that doubles up as a toilet, a cooking pot and an automated stove top. In case you were wondering, Cati Vaucelle, the lady behind this invention, describes just what an automated stove top is:

“By scanning in the food items, the video game physically adjusts a hot plate to cook the item for the correct amount of time. The virtual character then jubilantly announces the status of the meal to both the gamer and the other individuals playing online: ‘Vorcon’s meal is about to be done!”‘

Rations have been given titles such as “Crunchy Spider Surprise” and “Beer Basted Ribs”, neither of which sounding particularly gourmet but each suitably quick to prepare for the gamer on the go – or not, as would seem to be the case.

Of course, nobody likes it when a fellow player has to actually go and eat something, so this pod makes perfect sense. But one can’t help but wonder just how the thing would start to smell after a few hours of hardcore gaming, eating and… well, going to the toilet.

In 2005, a man in South Korea died after playing Starcraft for 50 hours without taking a proper break. While this self-contained pod is one solution to such a tragedy, the mere prospect of encouraging somebody to play a game for this kind of time is only likely to draw negative press from health organisations keen to promote a balanced lifestyle.

See below for more images of the World of Warcraft pod.







Source: Brisbane Times

  1. Want one of these. ;P

    • avatar Nisha

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  2. avatar mikelitoris

    lol hllz yh

  3. Can I get a Killzone 2 one? :o s

  4. avatar ChrisW

    A Killzone 2 one? Do you seriously play that, or ANY, fps that long?!? NERD!

    As for the POD, I won’t buy one until they install a Day Care!

    • avatar Toto

      kargebi iyaviT orive, LIVE shi giyureT- xo tdeziciabre de vnebebzea chaciklulia is qali!!!memgoni bolomde ver gaigo amitom gamosdioda ucnaurobebi..xoda nu POP varskvlavi xar sheni dgevandeli voiajebidan katleti rom amovigot ;) dzalian kargi xar!!!

  5. @Chris W, haha, I wish I had the time to play it for that long…

    Nerd and proud though, but surely WoW is plenty more nerdy than blowing space Nazi brains out!?

  6. avatar OMG

    how lame can people get

  7. avatar OMG

    what a way to spend your life, cant even get up for a minute to use the loo

    • avatar Maria

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  8. “throne that doubles up as a toilet, a cooking pot and an automated stove top.” You can cook your poo and then eat it??? Nice… I want one.

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  9. I’m pretty lazy and I like were they are going with this, but at the same time I don’t think I would be comfortable cooking in the same environment where I go to the bathroom. Something isn’t right there.

  10. avatar gt5

    This is what they teach at MIT

  11. Considering I already play game with my pants off, this makes perfect sense. No more accidents when I THOUGHT I was sitting on a toilet.

    • avatar Renato

      um Just like you don’t eat where you poop i’m gonna stick with that and eapxnd it to you don’t game where you poop . however, now that I know it’s in boston, I’ll have to go check it out. yakob

    • avatar Thais

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  12. Too much information, Tim. Or not enough. I can’t tell.

    • avatar Vitinhoo

      You have two choices, remvoe the toilet or buy one of the small rollers that come in either four or six inch sizes. If you do the small roller, use masking tape on the corners of the tank, otherwise your toilet tank is REALLY going to match your walls. If the tank is actually sitting against the wall, then just tape the sides of the tank with masking tape and use a brush to get as far behind there as you can.

  13. The positioning of the seat compared to the keyboard/monitor looks extremely uncomfortable(and easy access for back problems).

    • avatar Mihaela

      that the study is not an itiicandon of real world performance. it is quiet, doesn’t kill birds and is more efficientt that’s not so terrible. BTW, where’s your design?

  14. avatar SomeRandomDude

    some things were not meant to be created.

  15. avatar Phil Wallington

    someone should teach these pathetic little dudes how to masturbate. It’s cheaper and much healthier.

    • avatar Cristi

      blbashul120 on October 20, 2011 this isnt a movie, but the tv series The Unit would make a great game. story mode could follow the seasons’ stories and online could be like 5or6 against 25. the 5or6 would have more health and WAAAAY better weapons and resources. expansion packs could come out after each season for more missions. the actors would probably come back. also, you could customize characters and callsigns for online and off

  16. avatar Plug Me In

    Hey – we don’t have wireheading yet. They’re doing the best they can.

    • avatar Shan

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  17. avatar Skooma Steve

    can i haz eve online version plz?

  18. avatar Ha

    Now What happend to that phrase ” Don’t Shit where you Eat”.

  19. avatar xray5483

    Go and get a life…!!!

  20. avatar Joe Pike

    I’ve never been one for filling a small space with gas when people are in it. Bad History, but in this case I will make an exception

    • avatar Meltem

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  21. avatar Name (Required)

    fuckin lame

  22. avatar Rachael

    Haha awesome! But after using that for a long time wouldn’t the chair start to get a little…cramped?

    I mean yer hardly exercising.

  23. avatar Joe

    I expect more from MIT. So many problems with this design I can’t even pick a place to start! How about “stolen from South Park”.

  24. avatar B-

    WHat the **** is the world coming to?

  25. avatar Mario Tatis

    If they build a thing like that for the Lineage II, i probably die there playing!!

  26. avatar Ian MacClellan

    Massachusetts University of Technology doesn’t acron-ize to MIT.

  27. avatar Lazy Ass

    It’s Massachusetts Institute of Technology, not University. And holy god, I don’t see how that shit-eating-gamer-pod was worth 40 grand a year! I hope it comes with a sturdy beam and a noose too, because if that’s your life you might as well end it.

  28. avatar hittm4n

    i must make one of these… other than the toilet, for the sake of an odor-free gaming experience, that sacrifice shall have to be made… although i suppose you could just boil some orange peels or something to make it smell better… GAH I’ve thought too much into this!

  29. well hot damn, that’s pretty bitchin’

    • avatar Tanveer

      Ohhhh my gosh I hope If I start cosplaying Italy in Summer that we do tinkhs like this too.But i have on Question. Im from Germany Italy from Germany xDD best joke ever xDD So Im from Germany and I dont understand what theyr are singing can someone told it me ????Thanks ^^

  30. avatar Krath

    Gamerfags… Gay

  31. avatar Keenah

    WTB PST!

  32. avatar bob

    Its kinda like that movie Idiocracy. wow sucks ass and if you play it get a fucking life

  33. avatar Jim

    If your going to be calling it a pod they should have one for EvE Online.

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  36. avatar UmYeahhh

    Here’s a thought… how about play WoW near your kitchen/bathroom? Then it’s only a few steps away (which would at the very least create SOME circulation to the brain — the stepping — for better gaming later?). If you absolutely MUST take a HUGE break for bathroom, carry your laptop with WoW loaded in with you and set it on a TV tray in front of you.

    As for eating, you are going to have to use one or more of your hands (after washing up from using loo, o’ course) to prepare food or to eat. How about prepare a couple of sandwiches (like PBJ) and a large spillproof container of milk (or whatever) and set it beside you and THEN sign on to play?

    There. Problem solved for less than $40K per year.

    The meal-prep part of article written re: invention for food prep announcing that meal is nearly done using WoW speech for items is a great/fun idea. Reminiscent of Capt. Picard announcing “Earl Grey, hot,” for the food synth., only in reverse, lol. That would still be a neat invention for our regular kitchen microwaves to do so, minus the pod toilet (cough, cough).

    • avatar Ferdi

      If you really want to paint beihnd it it’s not real difficult to take off the tank, just a pain in the butt. Just shut the water off to the toilet and drain out the tank by flushing. Loosen the bolts that hold the tank on but don’t remove them all the way. Jsut loosen enough so that you can lean the tank forward enough to get your paint brush beihnd it. Just takes a little extra effort, but you will probably be happier in the long run. If you are like me, it would drive you crazy that the whole wall was not painted completely. Good luck!

    • avatar SultanSri

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  37. avatar Brad

    I wouldn’t want one of these with a toilet or the kitchen… but it’d be cool to have a more simple one in the house

  38. avatar Chaos

    Seriously if you can’t get up to use the bathroom or go get something to eat your not only lazy but addicted. But the thought of the hut minus the “kitchen” and the toilet throne, maybe a more comfortable chair, also a different design, and a door it would be a cool little gaming booth if you didn’t have your own room.

    Also, where the hell are you suppose to put this thing if you live with someone, theres no door on it so what is your parent/ sibling/ roommate/ whoever you live with going to say when they walk by and see you taking a crap on your WoW throne.

  39. avatar Natsumi

    Omg I want one!! I’m not that lazy that I can’t go to the bathroom, it just looks awesome! I don’t think it would fit in my room though…eh, I’d just get rid of everything else XD

  40. avatar Kendra

    can;t help but notice it’s horde design lol.Guess ally get back to real life every now and then lol

    • avatar Wendell

      It’s not easy. My husband is a rteired painter and when I suggest painting our bathrooms, he puts it off as along as he can. He suggests now that you do the best you can, sitting backwards on the closed toilet, use your roller and brush to reach as far back as possible. Stand up, look at what you’ve achieved and hopefully you won’t be able to see any plain wall. If you do, get down on your back (hopefully you have enough room next to the toilet) and do the best you can that way. It is never easy. Of course, you could remove the entire toilet and get all the wall, but that is another difficult chore. Good luck!

  41. avatar Chana

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    • avatar Aida

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