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From Tokyo Game Show in 2007 until now, White Knight Chronicles has been a small blip on the radar of all the major games being released. As Level 5 has talked more about the game, interest levels have increased. Today, they released a trailer that highlights a bit of the storyline for this new, unique RPG experience.

White Knight Chronicles may not have a release until Winter of 09, but it has easily become another reason to own a Playstation 3 if you are a fan of RPGs. The trailer is filled with enough imagery, and energy to draw you in for the long haul. Let’s just hope that draw can last another seven to nine months, shall we? I’ve got to convince my wife to let me get a PS3.

Check out our impressions of White Knight Chronicles when it is playable at E3 09!

  1. I don’t fancy the English voice dubbing, but the game looks interesting.

  2. This game is beginning to grab hold of my interest.

  3. It sounds like a good game, but the art style is slightly off putting, and I cant figure out why. I’ve played anime styled rpgs before and never had any problem. Hmmm.

  4. avatar Miguel

    I’m in LOVE with the first one from Shades of Light, the one with the beautiful patertn on the shade!A lot of the places you’ve selected, we don’t have or don’t ship to Canada :( Home Sense (Goods) is my go-to spot for lighting. Or for eye candy.Good luck with your search, I know it’s hard when there is just so much pretty ;)

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