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Today I was struck by a notion. A particularly powerful notion, rather uncommonly potent for something of this sort: why aren’t there any two-hour games?

I know, I know. The answer seems obvious enough. Nobody likes short games, right? Especially now, with the whole global economy in such a rut. If we’re to shell out $50 or $60 USD for a new title, we want to garner more than five or six hour enjoyment, right?

Of course we do. We all want to get our money’s worth, and the only truly quantifiable means we have to measure that is with the number of hours we spend with a game. I can browse through my PS3′s memory and handily see that while I’ve invested a whopping 73 hours into Armored Core: For Answer, I’ve barely soaked 8 hours into Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2. Clearly, AC4A is the better giant-robot brawler–it’s the obvious conclusion. But this way of thinking is a fallacy, one I’ve willingly bought into for years–and I know I’m not alone.

But the gaming industry has come a long way in the past decade. Everyone, developer and gamer alike, see gaming as mainstream. It’s an art, now. It produces summer blockbusters just as well (or better than) Hollywood. Almost every time you read a developer interview, someone drops a quote about how modern games are becoming so much more like movies.

They’ve got the action, they’ve got the characters and, boy-oh-boy, they’ve got the audience. Recent polls suggest that more than 50% of the adult population in the United States consider themselves gamers. That’s roughly the same proportion of adult Americans who fell out of their homes to vote in the 2008 presidential elections.*


So if that’s true, and games are becoming more like movies, why aren’t they short like movies? The typical format of almost any game follows the same basic pattern: kill stuff, watch a cut-scene, and repeat. We can groan with disappointment that Uncharted took us only 8 hours to beat, but what if you were watching those same 8 hours play out in a theater? I’d walk out. Movies have two-hour lengths for a reason: people have short attention spans. If games are to be more like movies, let’s start with cutting down the length, a lot.

Here’s my bold new vision for the future of gaming: make the games really, really short. Allow us gamers to move from opening titles to credits in one, easy sitting. I’d love to be able to start and finish a game in the few hours I have each morning before class. And give us more control! Interactivity is the biggest (read: sole) selling point of games, and to continue with the movie analogy, why not let us manipulate more than just the action scenes.

Imagine a game with a truly branching storyline, where you control every action the protagonist takes. He or She could be a hero, or a villain–even a victim. The story could play out dozens, or hundreds of ways. Imagine watching a movie where you could decide exactly what the protagonist does (or says) at every opportunity? Give us choices and consequences with the gameplay. What I’m talking here is the kind of freedom in games we’ve been promised for years, but never actually seen.

Mass Effect promised us choices, but neglected to give those choices any real consequences. Fallout 3 promised moral ambiguity and sufficient choices to effect hundreds of alternate endings, yet delivered a system whereby we were awarded points for every evil act or good deed, drenching the entire affair in moral absolutism–and delivered one of the worst, most poorly-conceived endings in gaming history (oh, yeah, right up there with Suikoden IV). So what’s wrong? What’s keeping these games from truly becoming interactive films?


Oh, yeah–it’s the runtime. The reason games don’t have long, fully-branched storylines is, simply, that there’s too much to script. When gamers demand at least 12 hours out of the average game–and at least three times that number for an RPG–the costs involved in making a truly compelling tale where player choice has any noticeable effect is all but impossible.

But what if those twelve hours become two? Uncharted could have been four different games–each as long as a movie–with the same amount of work that went one 8-hour experience. Imagine starting up an RPG where you can save the world, destroy the world, or simply try to survive it–and imagine seeing a fully fleshed-out, scripted story no matter which path you take. I’ve got goosebumps already, I do.

Developers simply need to stop fixating on game-lengths. And gamers, we need to bloody-well stop demanding it of them. The hundred-hour game is a relic of the past, and if gaming is ever to evolve, it’ll need to move past such temporal concerns. Isn’t the industry sufficiently established now that we can hope for quality over quantity? Let’s see if we can’t get the game industry to embrace the same level of diversity and imagination that’s made Hollywood such a success–I promise you, that’s where the future lies.

*It’s a bit interesting (and disheartening) to consider that the first statistic (50% gamers) covers the entire population of adults in the USA, whereas the second statistic (50% voters) covers a smaller demographic–sans immigrants, convicts and aliens.

Sources: PewInternet, InfoPlease

  1. Great idea mate!

    I rarely have the time to completely finish a game, I love the concept of games designed for one sitting.

  2. Xbox Live Arcade, WiiWare, PSN

  3. avatar Answer

    To your question is marketing. Just think about it.

  4. Kelso yeah i agree, but what he’s implying is big budget 2 hour games.. Not little arcade games

  5. avatar coop

    would not workout not enough time to tell a story and give the player all the options you want let alone the game play where will that fit in. that is why games are longer then movies you have to tell a story and give game play. but i do agree on the options part i think games need to give the player control of the story but i fear that will only make the game over all a longer game with more options comes more story and game play to fit that story but me and my brother love games that have a story so i would love to see longer games so bring on all the options

  6. avatar shadysaiyan

    I see what your saying, but its a bad idea. If a game like this was made, guess what there would be 50 million games exactly like it and gaming itself would really suck because it would all be the exact same thing over and over.

    Also when your playing a game, compared to a movie, it takes longer for someone to get attached to a character. You most likely wont even care about the characters in a movie unless it was based on some book series you’ve been reading for years anyway.

  7. avatar Brian the lion

    heard of heavy rain? might not be 2 hours but its exactly what youve described.

  8. avatar Alex Vizzini

    Heavy Rain is the game you pretty much described where you are pretty much deciding the fate of 4 characters as they animate on the screen. I think of Video Games as Art and the Developers are the artist who jobs is to deliver the best experience ever for the consumer.

  9. I think some people aren’t reading the article, and assuming you support a $60 2 hour game, but they couldn’t be more wrong.

    I like the idea of four different games–each. Like others have said, Heavy Rain will deliver that experience, but I can’t help but want more.

    • avatar Franco

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  10. avatar Master Chief

    Two words: Halo Chronicles

  11. avatar kaspario

    What you fail to mention is that there’s a learning curve to most games (be it video games or any other game) which you don’t have in movies (you just sit there). If you take it into account, 2 hours isn’t much to do anything. And if there’s not much of a learning curve, you’ll see people complain that it’s just the same game over and over again with different graphics. Also, developping the framework (AI, physics, etc) for the game is a big part of the cost of developping a game. Doing all that work to only use it for 2 hours might not be a viable solution.

  12. avatar dreamhunk

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  13. avatar Name (Required)

    Go watch a movie then, this was a dumb article. I have an idea play a game for 2 hrs then read the last chapter of the strategy guide.

  14. avatar Lattocky

    This is a horrible idea…….thats why there is Download able games.If a studios takes its time making a game Im sure they would want it to last long and be epic I understand how people have different views, but games are not like movies they are a different medium of entertainment and should be different. Also games like geometry wars and pixel junk eden are there so you can finish a level or the game in a few minutes and thats how i always looked at games.

  15. avatar Colin

    There are plenty of 2 hour games… look only to the 8 and 16-bit generations for them. These huge, sprawling games are a product of our increased expectations and improved technology. Heck, we’re not satisfied with the content on the disc any more, and now require DLC to prolong our “enjoyment” of these games.

    But I think the reason or argument for shorter games is not necessarily those listed above, but rather that not only has our society changed as far as our expectations for games, but also as far as our expectations for ourselves. People continue to work longer and longer hours and have less and less time to devote to their out-of-work lives, which has to include both family and individual activities and commitments. So, given that many (most?) games are made for mature individuals who would likely have jobs (unless they’re in college), why do we continue to make (and purchase) games that are longer and longer, when those games will more than likely never be played to their conclusion?

    This is the reason for making shorter games: allowing people who have small amounts of time to be able to experience, complete, and feel satisfied with their games experience. And, while you may be surprised, there are still companies who are doing these sort of games…

    As mentioned previously, there are a lot of these types of games on PSN, XBLA, WiiWare, and the ilk. Flower, for instance, is a great example of gameplay that can be learned and mastered very quickly, along with a storyline that’s just fleshed out enough to keep the gamer motivated.

    But the best example is Tell Tale’s line of episodic adventure games, especially the Sam & Max “seasons” of games. These games are brilliant in many ways, but the most brilliant is this: they’re designed creatively and functionally for exactly the same person. That is, the content and gameplay as well as the length both cater to people who are most likely working adults at this point, people who played Sam & Max Hit the Road when they were younger. These people like the idea of playing games, but don’t have the time (or don’t want to spend the time) to play 70+ hour adventure games, and would instead like to start and complete a single, concise story in a single sitting.

    Not counting loss of lives, Super Mario Bros has a three and a half hour time limit. Think about that: if you play through each of the levels in progression, the maximum amount of allotted time is three and a half hours. Now, think about the sense of accomplishment you felt the first time you beat Super Mario Bros. And it wasn’t because you finished a long and drawn out quest or because you read an entire novel’s worth of text… all you did was rescue a princess from a giant, fire-breathing lizard. There’s a sense of accomplishment associated with finishing anything, and it is not necessarily reliant on how long it took to finish. However, the task now becomes convincing people that there is value in conciseness. This is will be the most difficult task…

    [Side note: In years past, it was not uncommon for people to purchase abridged versions of popular (and, er, unpopular) novels. These were versions of the novels that had been edited down to be more accessible, be it linguistically or length-based. Why can we not have abridged versions of video games? It's not like it hasn't been tried before: the Japanese version of Final Fantasy IV was released in two versions, Hard-type and Easy-type. Nowadays, this difficulty-adjustment is handled within a single release of a game, but why can we not have releases of games that cut out the fat and leave only the story and set pieces, much like a blockbuster movie. First-person shooters and RPGs would be prime targets for this kind of release, since more often than not, the player is slogging through sections on their way to much more interesting battles and events. Why can't these "boring" bits be removed, the difficulty scaled to account for the lack of grinding, and then released as a version that can be enjoyed much more easily? Ok, that's all.]

  16. Couple points….

    1) “2-hour” is a ballpark figure.

    2) The key idea here was that by cutting down the expected length of a game, typically an RPG, it would be possible to truly incorporate branching storylines–something that’s impossible with long, epic games.

  17. avatar Geoffrey

    That would be a killer for the company who made it. If it were widely known that a game was only two hours long, people would just rent it. There is no reason to invest the money in a game that will only last two hours. I personally love games that have a larger story and feel like a journey. BioShock, Mass Effect, Oblivion and the crown jewel, Fallout 3. These are where it is at, for me!

  18. avatar Henry Hatsworth

    Go play Gravity Bone. It is one of the best short games out there. It only take 15-20 minutes to complete, but it is really enjoyable and the art direction is awesome. Its also free so that’s good. Or maybe you could try playing Zeno Clash from what I here is 3 hours of awesomeness.

  19. avatar Here's your answer

    Somebody deleted my post, and it was a bit snide, but it’s probably the best answer to your question if you actually thought about it before deleting it. The answer is marketing.

    It’s much easier for devs to spend their time and effort with a big game and a traditional marketing cycle, and they’ll see better rewards than to do a smattering of smaller titles with separate marketing pushes for each of them.

    Even if they were to charge ten to fifteen bucks, the marketing on it would probably have to cost just as much as a 60 dollar title if they want to get it the same exposure.

    Everyone else is answering from a gamer point of view, and I’m giving you the ACTUAL reason, yet am getting deleted. Way to go guys.

  20. avatar sumdum gai

    The best short game I ever played was Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. It took a while the first time through, but a replay could be done in less than 3 hours. The story was perfect because it was very similar to a movie plot, and the Prince’s conversations (both to himself and Farah) kept it going so you didn’t feel like you were grinding for hours between a tiny bit of plot advancement being presented to you. The perfect “short” game. I think a better idea would be to have some games in the future break the content down into episodes. So each one was self-contained. Play for a couple hours just to experience essentially what would be a single episode of a TV series, like Firefly, where you are in the same “world” but each episode is unique while still having a subplot that exists from start to finish.

  21. @Here
    Someone probably deleted your post because it was offensive, or the spam/content filter picked it up.

    It’s a great suggestion, but an obvious one. You’re basically saying “make more episodic content and PSN/XBLA games”, which people are already doing.

    Gravity Bone is an excellent game :-D

  22. avatar Danielle

    I definitely do not agree with two hour games. I’d much rather prefer a game that takes me weeks to beat because it’s a bigger pay off at the end. I feel like I have accomplished something. If I wanted a game that took only 2 hours to beat, I’d play the childish games that were made for the NES. (most of those games only took an hour or two to beat.)

  23. avatar Jerdionston

    Short games can’t bring in the same revenue that long games can, so big companies wont really support them. There are plenty of great short titles, but most of them are created by indie developers. I love the blog btw, I have a gamer blog also.

  24. avatar Slaveq

    lol I don’t know if the gameplay’s bteetr or worse in the intro than the actual game graphics are great though lollol at Fat Samoa Joe Rikishi amd Vince McMahon

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