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With all the hype surrounding Sony, it is obvious that they have something up their sleeves that nobody really knows about yet. Although most likely it focuses more on hardware, you never know what new games might be announced.  That being said, they still have several confirmed games to play at their booth and have just released a list letting us know what people can get their hands onto. Remember, this doesn’t include any of the secret games, or surprise announcements.


1. Fat Princess

2. God of War III

3. Heavy Rain

4. inFamous

5. MAG

6. Ratchet & Clank: Future A Crack In Time

7. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

8. White Knight Chronicles

9. MotorStorm: Arctic Edge

10. SOCOM: U.S. Navy Seals Fireteam Bravo 3

Although the list may seem short, the quality and caliber of these titles listed is incredibly high. We’ll be there to play these games and give you impressions as soon as we can.

Source: I4U

  1. I like how ten brand new games can be classed as “a short list”

  2. Well, White Knight is already out, Fat Princess is in beta, and inFamous has nearly gone gold, but I see your point, :-D

  3. Again i say wat i said in EA thread nothing good except Gods of War III
    wat has this world come to???

  4. avatar sony

    we are proud to announce strider exclusive to ps3

  5. avatar sony

    shhhh dont tell anyone

  6. avatar Nolan

    Na, ez komoly! Me1r csak egy Play knlelee, jf3 lenne egy olyan akcif3 is, amikor azt adnak ingyen Egye9bke9nt mennyibe kerfclnek ezek a je1te9kok telefonra? c9n e1ltale1ban elhfclyfclf6k az ingyenes cuccokkal, fagyhogy fogalmam sincs. De ahogy az EA-t ismerem, ez ele9g rendes hfaze1s t?lfck ilyen aje1nde9kokkal elle1tni az embereket, kifejezetten humanite1rius dolog. :O

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