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After getting tease after tease of Raskull’s pictures, we finally get a trailer for the game. Even though it’s not in-game footage, at least it’s something! Hit the jump for a video of the almighty ruler of the Raskulls himself, “The King”.

Press release:

May 14th, 2009 – After showcasing the full range of Raskulls character profiles, Halfbrick teases the world one more time by delving into King’s vacuous psyche. A well-meaning but entirely self-centered leader, King is seen flexing his nonexistent muscles and examining his boney white complexion in front of the mirror. But it’s totally epic, because he’s King.

The images are incredibly cute, and this trailer showcases some of Raskull’s trademark humor. I can’t wait until Halfbrick gives us in-game screenshots, because something tells me this game is going to be big.

Also, make sure you enter the “design your own Raskull contest!

  1. That trailer was sweet :D

  2. avatar MC Hammer

    This looks hilarious – can’t wait to see more!

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