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Does Resident Evil 5 have you thirsty for a game that’s actually scary?  Have the recent detours in the Alone in the Dark and Silent Hill series left something to be desired, with your underpants a little too dry?  Takashi Shimizu, the director of the or original Japanese Grudge movies (Ju-on), is hard at work on a Wii adaptation being called The Feel. For some chilling video of the hair raising game, click continue.

This game is looking to be one of the first true survival horror games in quite some time.  The player character doesn’t seem to wield anything besides a benign flashlight for the entirety of the trailer.  Makes sense, as can one ever really kill those appalling apparitions?

The look of the game seems to exactly mirror the atmosphere presented in the movies, complete with ghostly forms shifting in and out of reality in real time.  This game is shaping up to basically be an interactive Japanese horror flick, which if you’re experienced with the genre… is a frightening concept.

Anybody else think this game could give them a heart attack?

Source: Destructoid

  1. Wow, that’s horrible! But at last, a horror game with some horror in it, rejoice!

  2. If I had a wii..i most likely wouldn’t bother picking this up.
    Although if I had a wii, I would pick it up because what else would I get for it?

    Either way…..horror game with horror = instant +5 win points.

  3. Seems like a pretty okay game, I love survial horror and the Wii has some potential with it’s controls to make some good ones if they were only marketed for the “adult” group that is.

  4. I’d have to play this with the lights on for sure…

  5. avatar kaira-chan

    this sounds so freaking awsome so buying when comes out XD…….
    if i were you i would only get this game if you love the movie the grudge or youre terrified of it . why even look it up if you dont like it anyway?
    ^owo^ and i have to ask a question: is toshio gonna be in it?

  6. avatar Anonymous

    hi grudge

  7. avatar Salma

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