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Everyone here at Gamer Limit is excited at the recently announced Turtles In Time remake. It seems that footage of the game has been caught on a cell phone camera and put out onto the Internet. Hit the jump to check it out!

While the quality of the footage is pretty rubbish, it’s awesome to see how the game looks in motion. There are rumours of the game being out this fall, but with the exact date still undecided, who knows when it’ll be released. What do you guys think?

  1. This game is looking so good! Next up, Hyperstone Heist!

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    I like how they’ve changed it so that you can get a running start in a diagonal direction. Also, from what I was able to hear in the background, they’re keeping the original music, or at the very least, they’re using updated arrangements of the original music. Very cool.

  3. ^ Hey, that’s what I was gonna say :(

  4. I can’t wait for this. I noticed you can attack enemies who are on top or lower than you. In the original, you had to walk up or down to attack them.

  5. I just wanna see someone get splattered on the screen… I remember being amazed EVERY time that happened on the original.

    Can’t wait, hope it comes out on PSN. This could be a system seller for the 360 ;o)

  6. Awesome.
    Awesome to the max.

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