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This is probably one of the best and/or worst kills you will ever see in an online match. Taken from a game of Call Of Duty: World At War, the following video depicts one player realising what may have been a lifelong dream and another living through the kind of nightmare that nobody ever needs. Hit the jump to find out just what went down. But, whatever you, don’t “turn around”.

So, there you have it. I’m amazed that the guy was still perched with his ass in the air for as long as he was while a message was typed out, sent and delivered. Never turn around, just run!

Source: Youtube

  1. That is THE coolest kill I’ve seen. Beats my flashing of the night vision goggles in cod 4

    • avatar Taylor

      The one with the anniversary baennr is probably the one i like the most, but yea the sound effects get annoying if you stay mucking around in the menu too long >.<On an unrelated note, i am stoked because during the process of cleaning my room i have stumbled apon 2 of my Sega World Sydney swipe card things, and one of the gold tokens with Sonic's face on it. It's made me want to find the other cards tho. I found a Sonic one and a Sally one, does anyone else remember what was on the others? I am pretty sure there was a Tails one i had .

  2. avatar Jack

    Brilliant. I’d love to see the kill from the other side.

  3. That’s hands down the best kill I have ever seen.

  4. LOL, that’s freaking great

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