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Hi. This is the part where I’ll usually welcome you to The Week In News – the place to find the past week’s news highlights on Gamer Limit sewn together and presented with a combination of wit and intuition that proves easy-on-the-eye and easier on your mouse. Unfortunately, it has become extremely difficult to even consider most of this weeks happenings as actual news ever since T-t-t-t-t-t…. T-t-t-t… Ever… since… T-t-t-t-urt-t-t-t… I can’t even friggin’ type it. Hit the jump to see whether I can muster the energy to bother about anything other than T-t-t-t-t-t…

TURTLES IN TIME! This week we certainly had some extremely exciting gaming reveals and announcements to feast on. First off, Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age Of Heroes was finally confirmed, a demo was released and we played it. Exciting, huh? Yeah, maybe. Then Mr. T got his own video game. Thrilling, right? Meh. Well, OK, under normal circumstances these two segments of news would have been enough alone to raise my blood pressure to a dangerous level, but then a screenshot apppeared for a Turtles In Time remake. Turtles. In. Time. Capcom and Mr. T should have stayed in bed this week. They just got pwned. Turtles In Time? The train level? Giant Shredder head? Shit, man.

The only way I can take this article forward is by mentioning two pure elements of joy: Heavy metal and zombies (I pulled the zombie card before and, yes, I’ll do it again). My anticipation for Brutal Legend just went from zero to ten eleven with this power chord combination of screenshots and trailer. Also, staying true to their hardcore following, Treyarch are unleashing another bunch of Nazi zombies and maps for Call Of Duty: World At War. More zombies in this Dead Rising 2 trailer. Done. Now we can move forward.

Speaking of moving forward, does anybody think that the PSP should MAKE UP ITS BLOODY MIND!? This week, we were “treated” to some rumors involving the PSP Go!, then Capcom said they were to continue developing for UMD, before we were shown two great titles for the current PSP: Tekken 6 and Soulcalibur. I don’t know about you, but this is all getting a bit too much for me… Sony don’t know whether they’re coming or going. On the other hand, somebody who knows their future rather well is the legendary Hideo Kojima, who claimed he wanted to make games until he dies.

Predictably, no sooner had the name left their lips than Konami had ended their involvement with Six Days In Fallujah. Too soon? Well, one thing that certainly isn’t too soon is Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack The Ripper, which had a bloody trailer released. Prostitutes officially get murdered in video games. But if you can stomach that, then maybe Faith Fighter would tip you over the edge. So, it’s been banned. Religion is safe for another day.

Meanwhile, my faith in all good things was shattered when Sony announced the Killzone 2 Online Championships, in which you can win Helghast suits. Sounds amazing, yeah? YES! IT. DOES. But it’s only available to US residents and I’m well-and-truly in the UK. I can only dream of wearing one of those at this cosplay world record attempt that’s coming up in London. I will, though, be cheered up by Game On!, a cool looking games expo which also takes place in London this June. It is set to feature Nintendo, who’ll be waggling their way into the hearts and minds of 20,000 UK gamers. Hopefully Sony and Microsoft will come along too.

Uncharted 2 got a multiplayer trailer, signalling the end of my social life. But, as one signal went up, another came down for a while. Batman: Arkham Asylum‘s combat sure looked great here but then the game was delayed for a month or two. Having suffered that, it was good to learn that someone who obviously won’t be late is the dude from inFamous, who showed off his electrifying transportation techniques. Very nice. As is this GTA IV Xbox 360 anniversary bundle. Maybe?

And Finally… No words needed.

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