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Good afternoon/evening/whatever time of day it is where you are. If you are reading this at noon, have a great lunch. If, on the other hand, you are delving into the archives of this now legendary website and it’s October 9th 2016 at about six-thirty in the evening: good evening. This is The Week In News, your round-up of highlights from Gamer Limit’s team of monkeys from the past seven days. I was recording a demo with my band today (which, in 2016, is probably worth a fortune), so these really are the highest of the highlights – it is nearly bedtime for me. I live in London which, in 2016…. OK, I’ll stop now. Hit the jump, future-boy/girl!

We’ve been looking into tomorrow’s world ourselves over the past few days. E3 is this week (in case you didn’t know!) and what better way for developers to preview the event by showing the internet trailers for games you are going to show off (possibly with the same clips) at the show!? Bayonetta looks lovely here, Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack In Time is giving Pixar a run for their money right here, Lost Planet 2 is… wow in this clip, Marvel Alliance 2 is superhero-ish right about here and Dante’s Inferno has giant boobs but not much else over here.

PSP news! Update! Rumor confirmed! The PSP Go! has been leaked… LEAKED!? An item that is related to video games leaked?? Oh, I really can’t believe this would ever happen! Well, it’s true… The PSP Go! is seen in this clip. That’s enough! Nothing more to see here… OK, if you have collected yourselves, we’ll now travel from tomorrow, back past today and into yesterday. Remember 2000AD? Media Molecule do and have released some crazily cute Judge Dredd costumes for LittleBigPlanet.

Elsewhere, Wolfenstein is back with a bang with this PSN and XBLA announcement for the 3D and a release date for the new one. And, speaking of the number “1″, experts reckon that in-game advertising is going to be a $1bn industry come 2014. That’s two years ago to some of you, but five years from now to the rest of us! That’s a lot of money to spend on telling me which burger I should eat when I’m making a hotdog out of somebody’s head in GTA V.

But GTA IV isn’t out of the way yet, so Rockstar are bringing yet another slice of episodic goodness to XBLA; this time involving some gay dude called Tony and a ballad. Speaking of ballads, Capcom are singing to the tune of 5 million, as this is how many copies of Resident Evil 5 they reckon they’ve sold.

OK, so here is some stuff that you can expect from E3 from a few companies:

Square Enix
Namco Bandai
Activision Blizzard
Electronic Arts

(Steve Kelso FTW!)

And Finally… Anything to do with Apocalypse Now, Joseph Conrad, Homefront and THQ is a guaranteed trip, so check it out.

And… this guy got PWNED IN A BIG WAY!!

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