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When Arnie muttered the immortal words “I’ll Be Back” all those years ago, he was actually peering through time and referring to the one-week hiatus The Week In News would be taking.

True to his (and our) word, Gamer Limit returns with a foot stool and a shoulder massage; both of which manifesting themselves in the shape of an article containing a handy collection of quick links to the week’s highlights in gaming news. So, sit back, relax, and hit the jump.

Let’s start by clearing something up, shall we? OK, brace yourselves… Final Fantasy XIII isn’t coming out until 2010. I’m sorry. If you don’t believe me, these MASSIVE banners should do the trick. Another thing that is rather big is off-road sandbox racer FUEL, which just broke a world record for being as big as Trinidad & Tobago. In big Bioshock 2 news, Big Daddy’s new look was revealed this week and there was a huge, extremely lovable animal in this teaser for what is supposedly Team Ico’s new baby.

Some odd decisions were made in the past week. Microsoft decided it was a good idea to clearly overcharge for some Halo 3 DLC and Sucker Punch and Sony collectively went with the idea of selling inFamous to angry Europeans without an English voice track. Great idea. Elsewhere, the developers of Ikki Tousen don’t believe that sex sells and have pulled the game’s Western release after it received an “M” rating for containing partial nudity through shredded clothing. It would probably sell more with a higher rating, although perhaps not as much as Halo 3, which continues to shift lots and lots of units.

Teasers! Teasers! And more bloody teasers! That’s what Hideo Kojima has been all about this week. First this countdown, then… another countdown; both of which leading to mind-blowing rumors and crackpot theories as to what secret the man is going to let us in on. And when!? Meanwhile, those c-c-c-crrrrazy cats over at Infinity Ward did some teasing of their own with not one… not two… but twenty whole seconds of Modern Warfare 2 footage.

While many FPS fans gear up for that release, those living in the present will be given the chance to slay their pals in these retro Killzone 2 maps and shoot down some more zombies in this Call Of Duty: World At War DLC. On the subject of things that come back from the dead, Alan Wake has risen from his grave, Left 4 Dead has gone all customiseable on us and Resident Evil: Director’s Cut is coming to PSN. PSN is also where you’ll finally find some Fallout 3 DLC in the coming months.

Some nifty videos came out this week. Batman: Arkham Asylum showed us some tasty “FreeFlow” combat and an even tastier Poison Ivy. Heavy Rain proved that wearing sunglasses at night is rather cool afterall and Burnout Paradise showed everybody how to do DLC.

And finally…

With E3 almost upon us, the biggest news hitting our eyes and ears isn’t what we can expect from the show floor but what we can’t expect. Swine flu is at the heart of it, taking casualties left, right and centre. OK, that last one is OnLive, which is apparently not appearing because E3 doesn’t quite appeal to the system… which is basically a load of old rubbish. I’m calling swine flu paranoia. We all know the disease can travel through the air, which is basically how OnLive plans to feed us our games. This obviously puts us all at risk.

In case you didn’t know, WE’RE GONNA BE AT E3! SWINE FLU CAN’T STOP US NOW!!! Well, many of us anyway! I’m not actually going because I’m in London (read: afraid of pigs) but will be one of many hands on deck reporting about the latest and greatest news from the expo. Register with us here and be sure to check back for all the breaking news and non-news.

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