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Good day to you. I trust with Sunday comes some well earned rest? No!? OK, well, in that case, let us here at Gamer Limit help take the weight from your shoulders, slide a comfy chair under your bum and provide a suitable coffee table to park your weary feet on. The Week In News is your one-click stop to some of the highlights from the past week in gaming.

Some familiar names crept out of the woodwork this week. If the rumors are to be believed, a snippet of neat looking gameplay footage from Beyond Good & Evil 2 was leaked – or are they just pig-faced lies? Well, one guy who wouldn’t stand for that sort of thing is Duke Nukem, who managed to lose his developer and have a sexy set of artwork sneak out, before the world was shown some gameplay footage for the Here’s Hoping It Still Happens Game Of The Year, Duke Nukem Forever. It would surely be a hit, man! As would a new… erm… Hitman, which is supposedly already being worked on.

Bioshock 2 had some flakey details regarding its multiplayer announced and, from one “shock” to the next, some daft lady decided that GTA IV is the route of all evil. Of course, that wasn”t actually a shock at all, was it? No, what really shocks people are ghosts, which are themselves scared of the Ghostbusters. Which reminds me, if you live in Europe and don’t own a PS3, it looks like you won’t be able to turn to or play Ghostbusters: The Video Game any time soon. Shocker!

Ghosts are normally dead things, right? Yes! So, here is some news featuring more deadness. Rockstar’s upcoming Wild West sandbox Red Dead Redemption was teased in this debut trailer. Meanwhile, Dead Space 2 was kind of revealed inadvertently on a dude’s resume and Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is now dead, so long live Call Of Duty 7 rumors.

Moving on swiftly on, we had some examples of the games industry attempting to move out of its comfort zone. While Sony announced that they will be offering free music video streaming this summer, Microsoft detailed 1 Vs. 100, their online gameshow, and the writer of the Gears Of War movie said that it was looking great! I certainly hope he’s right, although a truly fantastic video game is so far uncharted terrain. Uncharted terrain!? Brilliant! If you subscribe to Qore, you’re in for a treat with some Uncharted 2 beta action.

If the DLC trend of paying for in-game outfits, like these Street Fighter IV ones, makes you feel a little nauseous, you should check out a game full of sick – Spewer. But if that doesn’t turn your stomach enough, this Japanese Xbox 360 propaganda is sure to do just that.

When I was young and got sick, my mum would often buy me toys. That’s right, and if you’re feeling not too good you could do worse than preorder Prototype for these goodies or try to get your hands on Rise, the latest Persona 4 figurine.

And finally… What would a collection of news stories be without a university drumline playing Mega Man 2 music with some guy dancing at the front?? My thoughts exactly…


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