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Gamer Limit can confirm that is now offering the PSP’s Go!Explore GPS system for less than £75 in the UK!
It isn’t exactly surprising that Sony took the satellite navigation direction for their portable console. In fact, I’m surprised they didn’t incorporate it into the versatile system sooner, as the PSP’s screen is superb in terms of size and clarity.

As we recently announced, there is a new version of the PSP on its way (PSP GO), the information surrounding which was leaked prior to the upcoming E3 show. This suggests that Sony still has high hopes for their portable future, despite being massively outsold by Nintendo’s DS range.


According to the official Playstation website:
“Go!Explore incorporates a GPS receiver attachment for PSP and a software UMD featuring your chosen maps. A collaboration with market leaders TeleAtlas and NavNGo, Go!Explore offers the very latest in map data and navigation software, including 3D Maps of major cities.”

Though it still has a reasonably heavy price tag, it is still a much cheaper alternative than most decent GPS systems. Sadly, still no word on a US version of the add-on.

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