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It was already reported that Blizzard would not be attending E3, and it looks like the swine-flu just scared Dead Rising 2′s development team.

But who else isn’t coming?

  • Koei will not be attending for the same reasons
  • Square-Enix, and specifically the development team for Kingdom Hearts, will not be attending
  • OnLive will not be making an appearance

At the very least, Sony and Nintendo have confirmed that they will be in full force. Of course, Microsoft, Bethesda, and other such Western companies have nothing to fear, and will be outracing Wizpig to Los Angeles.

Source: Develop

  1. Is it me or is E3 slowly becoming E-relevant?

  2. Avatar Image Ian

    People really have to stop obsessing over the swine flu!

    no more than 100 people have died…

  3. @Kyle
    Haha, there will still be plenty to see at E3, like Kojima’s announcement, and every Western developer ever, who is impervious to the swine flu.

  4. No Kingdom Hearts 3? I’m going to cry.

  5. @Chris
    I know, I know. My post was heavily laced with jealousy, I must admit. I wish I could be there.

  6. @Ian
    The spread of swine flue is receding and its not really too much of a concern anymore. The exception though is Japan. It is actually spreading quite quickly there, and the dead rising team has good cause to follow the advisories.

  7. avatar BlueCastleSucks

    Blue Castle are in Canada and they could of made an appearance. This is simply an excuse because they know the game is not good. I knew it was a mistake handing this off to some n00b developer and this to me proves it further.

  8. This is why I’m not going!!!! NOT!

    I would give an arm and a leg to fly over from sunny London!

    E3 will be great this year, I think anyway. Maybe I’m too hopeful but there should be fireworks, considering the kind of flat reception last year’s received.

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