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Terminator Salvation

In light of Terminator Salvation releasing on the iTunes store in a few short weeks, Gameloft have put out a surprisingly good looking trailer. Pick up those microchips after the jump.

iPhone games are creeping up to be scaled down PSP games in terms of graphic capability. Proving itself to be capable of producing pretty games and having an extensive game library, taking advantage of the platforms strengths still seems to be an afterthought with the increasing amount of ”Its like the DS/PSP games without those damn buttons” attitude amongst iPhone developers. Still showing the use of on screen joysticks, controlling your plight to save humanity may still be frustratingly hard.

Look for the Terminator Salvation review in the upcoming additions of ‘Read, Download,Play’

  1. “You found a microchip!”

    Wow, this is actually looking like a really cool game. It’s the first “game game” I think I’ve seen for the iPhone. Maybe that little thing can become a legitimate gaming platform after all.

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