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With the Electronic Entertainment Expo less than two weeks away, we here at GamerLimit are honestly surprised this is one of the few cases of developers not coming due to travel restrictions. From the looks of it, the Dead Rising 2 development team will not be coming to E3.

“Our Capcom guys are not coming to E3 because of the Japanese government restrictions,” said Capcom’s Chris Kramer, Senior Director, Communications and Community. “The company is taking the advisory very seriously.”

The offices for this particular team are found in Osaka, Japan which has 191 confirmed cases of Swine Flu. Honestly? I don’t blame them. Let’s just hope it does not cause a delay for the game.

On a positive note, Kramer also said “Dead Rising 2 is the only game we wont be able to showcase at E3, because it’s at an early stage of development and the team is not comfortable having anyone else demo the code.”

Source: Kotaku

  1. No biggy, I couldn’t be less looking forward to this :P

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