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Living in Australia has its ups and downs. Nice weather, cool accent and nice beaches to name a few. But living as a gamer in Australia isn’t the most accessible pastime. Not only are games AU$110 on release but usually get here 1-2 weeks later, sometimes even months. Then there’s the censorship nonsense. My passion for gaming has always pushed me that extra mile in keeping up to date with the latest and greatest in this ever expanding industry. One of my rituals each year is waking up bright and early (usually around 4am) to tune in and stream all the E3 antics live.

Watching E3 press conferences is a special feeling. Knowing that thousands of other people are all waiting around the world for that little countdown timer to hit zero, the lag to hit, video to go down and lose your place in the cue. Wait..What?

Time after time I’ve faced sitting in Gamespots lobbies for the press conferences waiting for the goodness to start only to find that the video is so laggy, sound so choppy and video quality so pixelated that it’s detrimental to my impressions of the games. Usually waiting a few minutes for the servers to react and fix the problems is the hardest part.

Then comes the searching. Frantically opening tabs in Firefox all entitled ‘’Live E3 streaming” looking for that one that will hopefully provide a sturdy link. One year in particular, I found my way to a blog which has a camera set up right near the stage. Quality wasn’t so great but hey, at least it updated more than 3 times a minute. As the Microsoft press conference began numerous pops and beeps filled my headphones blocking out any other sounds.

Scrolling down I came across a chat. A chat which contained some of the worst people on the internet. Fanboys.

‘’ No MGS, Goddam Microsoft sucks ”

‘’ F**k you Halo pwnz MGS ‘’

I think you get the point. Looking around this chat there was no mute button to be seen. So it was both break away from the hate filled Fanboys and risk crashing Firefox AGAIN and try Gamespot or stay and listen to a hour of pops and internet threats. I went for Gamespot. By now about 5-10 minutes had past and I was losing faith in ever watching ANY E3 footage that wasn’t going to be on YouTube with various Linkin Park songs layered over the top of it.

Finally Gamespot came through for me, simple as clicking, waiting and streaming. At this time I only had a max of 25kbs speed so it was a gradual push to get through each section of the conference. Knowing that I had seen footage of Fallout 3, Fable 2 and Final Fantasy 13 as soon as it was possible to the public had me sleeping well that night.


Watching the E3 coverage is every gamers way to feel like they are still part of the action, no matter where they are. This year is my first covering games so it’s going to be interesting to be on ‘’the other side of the fence” where now I will be writing all opinions as well as reporting on news, something that was only possible on a small BlogSpot site I had setup a few years ago. So here’s to all those gamers who can’t make it to E3. Get up early or stay up late, find yourself a secure connection and enjoy some of the best news and announcements that gaming has to offer.

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    i could care? less about being a first fag like u. i came to watch the video not some lil internet waiorrr think he’s so big and tall yet cant put words together to make a sentence. atleast move the words around so it sounds correct. u got ADD or wat? hahahahaha.

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