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For the next month of Sunday’s I’ll be taking the time to detail what I would like to see from E3. Perhaps the best place to start is with the company who disappointed us the most last year: Nintendo.

No one in their right mind would deny the fact that Nintendo’s press conference at the Electronic Entertainment Expo was less than impressive. It seemed that only seconds after their press conference was complete people were talking about how disappointing the conference was, and how Nintendo had gone totally “casual”.

Obviously Nintendo is now providing for a broader audience of gamers, but it seems as if they had forgotten the “hardcore”. Once Super Smash Bros. Brawl was out, things went very, very quiet. It became obvious that Brawl could be the last great hardcore Nintendo title.

Most recently Saturu Iwata said that Nintendo must provide content to all of their audiences, inferring the fact that they must please the hardcore. The message was so cryptic, and so full of potential that there is nothing certain we can say about Nintendo. They have always been a company full of secrets.

Although they have made billions of dollars off of the Wii and DS, sales are slipping and the hype surrounding the Wii is beginning to die out. As Nintendo moves into E3 this year my dream for them is come all-out with fresh ideas to recapture the minds of their original fans.

The first thing I would ask for from Nintendo is something very similar to the gamertag. It doesn’t have to be a blatant rip-off, but something needs to happen that would allow for integration into all online-enabled titles. A universal Wii Friend Code for every game from this point forward, the first game to use this concept should be The Conduit. They can keep their ideas of safety, and still become accessible.

The second thing I would like to see from Nintendo is something besides Mario or Zelda to be excited about. I’ll play the next Mario, and the next Zelda and be very excited for them, but we need a new “hardcore” franchise. No more “Wii this” or “Wii that”. Show us that you are committed to your loyal fans.

MotionPlus to be packed in with all future controller purchases is key. I don’t think it is right to make people buy $80.00 worth of new hardware in order to use MotionPlus. This will never happen, but it should.

Spend some money on exclusives, Nintendo! Why aren’t you securing an amazing line-up of games from third party publishers? Forget the Rabbids, or the “Z” game, or every single cooking, candy making, diner dashing title out there. Announce a brand new action-adventure platformer. Heck, get Capcom to make Bionic Commando for the Wii! There are so many possibilities, and you have the money to throw around! Pull a Microsoft and make it happen.

Finally, please don’t tell us about a new peice of white plastic this year. We don’t want it, we don’t need it. Unless it is virtual reality, just don’t bother. Oh, and no more Wii Music. Please? I’m begging you.

This Sunday Soapbox is purely a reflection of the author’s opinions and in no way reflects the opinions of Gamer Limit and its constituents.

  1. I think that calling Smash Bros ‘hardcore’ is pretty debatable, too. The reason, also, why Wii can’t get those exclusives is because it’s graphically not capable of what the 360 or PS3 can do. I’m pretty sure, for example, that Capcom stated that they didn’t release a Wii RE5 because of this.

  2. Thats a good point Jamie. Is the Wii that devoid of hardcore titles that SSB is generally always touted as one?

  3. Here here! I think this is exactly how Nintendo’s E3 presentation should go. Just games, and no bothering with useless peripherals. Maybe even a new controller so the Wii isn’t restricted to motion controls

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