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I absolutely stink at Halo 3. It isn’t that I am bad at first-person shooters, but the fact that I so poorly execute anything in Halo 3 leaves me with little desire to play it. If I pop in Call of Duty I can hold my own and do much better, so why is it that I absolutely suck at Halo?

It took a little while, but I have determined why. It is really a no-brainer! I never, ever play Halo 3 consistently enough to learn. I’ve put countless hours into other shooters, and it shows. As for the latest Master Chief outing, I don’t really spend a lot of time with it. As I asked myself why, an answer quickly formed: I hate the multiplayer experience in the game.

Honestly? I really just get sick of being called all sorts of derogatory names involving alternative lifestyles. I get really sick of people downing others by using slang names for the reproductive organs of women. Can I take it a step further? It all comes from these whiny, squeaky little voices that belong to adolescent boys no older than the age of thirteen.

Microsoft, it is time to take the kids off of Xbox Live. I understand that there are far-reaching ramifications to doing this, but if you truly want to improve the service it should be done. More and more I find myself choosing to play alone rather than enjoy the F-bomb being dropped by these kids who aren’t even old enough to fully understand the ramifications of what “F” stands for.

Fully removing kids from Xbox LIVE is impossible, I understand. May I offer a solution? If they don’t sound old enough to be playing a game that is “Rated M for Mature” then they probably aren’t mature enough to play a game that is “Rated M for Mature”. When they sign up for these gamertags, don’t you verify the age?

I understand what I am proposing when I say this: Congress? Yeah, enforce it all the way through online services. It’s illegal for them to buy the game, or have it sold to them. Why are they playing it online?

One of my favorite podcasts is Major Nelson Radio. Major’s co-host goes by the gamertag “e”. E is always saying that he does not allow his son to play games that are “Rated M for Mature”. That’s a responsible parent, one that should be applauded. Now knowing the kind of dad e is, his son probably wouldn’t go around cursing on Live anyway…but that isn’t the point. Parents? Don’t you hear the kind of things your kids are saying? Do you even care?

In order the improve the quality of the experience on Xbox LIVE, I think the team in Washington should really take a hard look at their policies and consider removing adolescents from LIVE. It’s not just the cursing, I have one other reason: In comparison to adolescent gamers, mature gamers tend to cheat less, use cheating devices less, try to get Gamerscore they have not earned less.

I’m sick of being called names, hearing disgusting comments, and I’m just plain tired of the extreme amounts of cursing. I don’t want to pay $49.99 a year to be called what I have been called. I can mute them, block them, and report them but they just keep coming. I’m calling you out, Microsoft. Let’s figure something out, even a happy medium, and do it.

  1. I just turn off the voice comms when I go on XBL. Might be worth trying mate :)

    • avatar Jorge

      every game deserves ceridt. So should we give E.T. Credit or how about LJN games? How about Movie license games do they deserve to be honored? To the people are feel insulted this is what I have to say It’s a game, get over it but hey you are entitled to your opinion but when your opinion is you hurt my feelings because some guy I don’t know personally says a game I enjoy sucks then maybe you should rethink your life because boo-hoo. Not everyone thinks Skyrim is good but does that mean its bad? no it just means some people don’t like it while others do. If you cant deal with people sharing their opinions especially for something so trivial as video games then I feel sorry for you because I dont know how you will make it in life.Some other points. Joe gave the game a shot and went into it with an open mind. It sounds like he really tried to enjoy it and he listened to the fans of the series to give it a shot. You should not be mad at him for doing something you wanted. If he hadn’t made a review for this game you probably would have been begging him to make one. Just be happy he actually gave the game a shot. He made some good points that if you really think about make a lot of sense. I mean Video games (Especially RPGS) are suppose to make us feel like we are playing the role of the main character and if you don’t feel like a pirate then the game is failing. Also, Really you can’t sail a ship? whats the point then! That’s like making a wild west game with no horse. It would be like if the only way to travel to different towns in Red Dead Redemption was to take the Coach.d7

  2. I only messed with XBL for a few days, I was pretty disgusted and never saw the need to pay for a repeat performance. I have to say, my online experiences with PSN are just as bad–though I did get some funny responses to some of my SC4-creations–so I think I actually tossed my mic away.

    I think what’s happening more often than not is that the mature gamers are either not participating, or are completely silent. There’s no real way to cut the stupidity from the equation: it’s one of the dangers of living in a developed nation.

    On the flipside–ya’ don’t have to beg on the edge of the highway.

  3. To avoid all this I just mute everyone in non-ranked games, and play with friends when they’re on.

  4. First off, I’ll say I’m 14, and not even for a month. Honestly, I think I’m pretty good at games, specifically shooters(They are my favourite after all). Really, these kids piss even me off. I own a PS3 and prefer it over an Xbox.
    I do play on an Xbox quite often though, and most of the time I just turn the sound off. I prefer heavy metal of those whiny voices I hear. Please don’t tell me I have one too, I don’t. Trust me when I say this, these kids aren’t 13. They’re way younger. I haven’t a single kid my age who sounds as annoying as them.
    While playing on a PS3, I tend to see mainly teenagers playing. Kids to pop up occasionally, but not near as often.
    I think your whole “get rid of kids” idea is bad, but rather have to option to filter out players of certain ages.

  5. I have to agree with this post, kids who are too young to be playing the game (based on its rating) should not be online playing against you. Also, for the record, I am absolutely dire at Gears (1 or 2) and yet pretty tasty on the COD series, so I feel your pain on that point too!

  6. You shouldn’t have to be muting people, it’s not fair that you miss out the chance to work as a team just because others are being ridiculous.

    I find this happens less on the PS3… I don’t know why but I certainly feel like (in the games I play anyway), most people are getting long fine.

    I do swear when I play sometimes. I get frustrated. But I don’t call people names. Anybody doing that should be taken off the servers, at least for a week or so, so learn a lesson!

  7. avatar John

    I think you whine too much and that you should really learn to use the mute button on other players. Kids shouldn’t have to stop playing games just because you don’t like it.

  8. avatar Waldo

    I don’t believe all kids should be banned and it’s not illegal for kids to buy m rated games as long as they are accompanied by an adult. I am 14 and play halo 3 online and I use the mic responsibly I believe anyone can swear but it takes a bigger person to get there point across without swearing but I hate little kids, I added a 9 year old to my friends without realizing what a jerk he was, we were playing forge with 2 other people and we were all making our own things and he wanted help so I said just a minute and he yelled do no it now you f?!$ing d?!@&$ bag.

  9. avatar batman

    it’s the parents who let them use vulgar languages thinking it’s cute that they swear at grown people that would like to enjoy a game from a hard days work. we just wanna relax and release our negative energy shooting in halo but in a fun friendly game. sorry we don’t pay 50 bucks a year to babysit kids that parents can’t control, sorry but if you really wanna be a true gamer respect us so we can respect you.

  10. avatar stinker

    i avoided cod waw because of it being in ww2 again, but im dreading when i buy odst and modern warfare 2 because i just know the idiot parents of children buy them mature rated games and put them on xbox live, stupid parents are the sole problem, they are too scared of the kid throwing a tantrum so they leave the kid alone.

  11. avatar Chaotic

    It’s not up to Microsoft to filter who can and cannot play over Xbox Live. When you sign up, you verify your age; and MS has to trust that that age is legitimate. It shouldn’t and never will be MS’s job to decide who is old enough to play online, it’s simply up to the parents.

    As well, not all children are bad to play with. I’ve met several quality youngsters in my time playing XBL (since 2nd day of release on original Xbox).

  12. avatar Hunting

    OK, first, he isn’t whining, and I agree that the behaviour, most specifically that of the teens, is turning onling gaming into a virtual cesspool. Also, what’s with everyone saying that you can “just mute” or “turn off communications” etc? I pay for a service, why should I be the one to suffer? If we consistantly just mute and turn off communications, the problem won’t be solved. That’s just condoning the abuse, and is wrong. Not to mention, those of us who attempt to try to stay online and play, and choose to mute other players, do you have any idea how much time is taken away from playing time, by sifting through names picking them out to be muted? It totally kills the experience, especially since you would have to do it EVERY match. And Microsoft can filter out these jerks, because they have terms of service being violated. They need to implement a more complex complaint system, and if need be they can issue permanent communication bans on repeat offenders. It’s up to parents and the community to actively participate in filing complaints to root out these ignorant people.

  13. avatar Herbsaregood

    Simple solution is this, A separate server for age groups, Microsoft is so apt to make sure their service is far, honest blah blah blah… So I feel they should incorporate a system that only allows players of a certain age to play online during Xbox Live sessions.

    A Game labeled mature should not be accessible to Xbox live If that account is under 18. This means that if the child wants to play in a privet session with friends or linked Xbox’s that’s fine, but he wont be able to play on live with players over 18. The game distro is not allowed to sell to minors unless accompanied by a legal guardian, that’s their job. The parent can also allow this game, then lays the standard for the job of the distributor and the parent.
    Now on to Microsoft’s part…

    Microsoft needs to make it so that if your gamer tag is under age for a mature game then it should block that account from the live game play until the account is of legal age.
    If a child is playing a game rated M and using perverse language chances are their doing it because the game is giving new and creative words and terms. Children don’t design video games and are picking up on an adult mentality but are unable to understand its over all idea. Unfortunately we as adults have to use our hard earned money to share a service with a bunch of immature, foul mouthed adolescents. Being able to talk smack playing a video game is our given right and for the most part fun but theses “kids” are taking it to far, going beyond talking crap to just being a rude racist waste of society. Why should I have to watch what i say around a 12 y/o when I’m a 30 year old man playing a game that was made by adults for ADULTS?

    And as for the post from chaotic “It’s not up to Microsoft to filter who can and cannot play over Xbox Live”

    If that was the case the why do movie theater employees, porn shop proprietors, CD/DVD/Video game store clerks, Liquor stores, over 21 restaurants, Tattoo artists, and nightclubs (just to name a few) not allow the services of those under 18 or 21, and out right refuse to do any business with an under age individule? So what your saying is that any of theses following company’s are supposed to let anyone aboard unless stated other wise by their parents? No its that COMPANY’S JOB…
    I for one as a parent am glad theses places established a system of rule over the younger generation. Theses orders are put in place so I don’t have to watch over my child 100 % of the time, Do you realize how many parents of generation X know nothing about, computers/video games or even how to set up parental control’s. So NO I’m not going to just leave it up to me or the parents. Here’s another scenario for you… I don’t want my daughters playing a game with a foul mouthed little jerk. When I’m at the playground with my kids I’m on public property, which means if another child is cussing at my daughter It’s then my responsibility to take my child away from the kid. This is Microsoft’s playground I cant listen in to what the other children are saying to my daughters. So if their playing a game for M and their T then we have a problem, if a child is not allowed to play an M game online then we wont have this problem. trust me leaving it up to the parents! that’s a laugh, Have you any idea how easy it is for kids to sneak stuff past us parents? A CD is all most paper thin, just because I didn’t buy it doesn’t mean it’s not going to come into my house.

    This has been a problem it my dinner table, where I was asked what a word my oldest heard one time playing with another kid on xbox live was. I was surprised and disgusted at what children of her age group were saying during a simple game over the net and trust me its wasn’t a nice word, you try explaining to a 11 y/o what a n***** c*** is…

  14. avatar Suprised

    I am begging you to not mak age-restricted groups. Maybe Rep groups, but not age groups. I am 13 and I too get quite annoyed at the little 9 year olds who yell vulgar words without understanding the consequences. And trust me, just as the 14 year old said, these are not teenagers and 12 year olds. The problem these days is that adults group kids with kids, without knowing the maturity that comes with age now adays. This is because of all the material we are exposed to. I mean this is the same as saying, “That adult just yelled at me with vulgar terms, so all adults must be the same. I enjoy games such as MW2 and Halo, which are fun when some sort of organization is involved. But enough with my rambling. Sorry for any spelling or grammar errors, fail iPhone keyboard is fail.

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