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I’m certain that you’ve heard all about the rumors about the slim Playstation 3, but we all know that Sony is losing at least $40.00 per console that it sells. So the question is this: Will we find ourselves with a new model for the PS3? Will Sony announce the PSP Go!? Will Uncharted 2 be a megaton? Let’s theorize on all these questions and more!

We first must realize that almost everything about Sony is a different sort of beast. It doesn’t matter if they want to admit it or not, but they are dead last in the console sales race right now. Some months the Playstation 2 sells more than it’s big brother, and that has to be a slight disappointment., although it is obvious that every PS2 sold at this point is pure profit.

My first piece of advice for Sony moving forward is to forget about the past, and strive towards a profitable future. The economy is no joke, and an expensive console is not going to sell as well as the consoles that cost $199.99 or $249.99. Yes the PS3 is a Blu-ray player, and yes the PS3 has some good games now, but it is still expensive. A possible solution that I give has already possible been unveiled: a smaller, slim model, without all the bells and whistles, for a price comparable to the Wii. All that matters at this point is the need to push consoles, and the Sony brand, into homes across the world.

Perhaps this new slim model is real, and it will be officially announced at Sony’s E3 press conference on June the 2nd, 2009. Perhaps through extensive research they’ve discovered how to make their console cheaper, and they’re going to offer it to the public later on in the summer and totally phase out the old ones. On the other side of the coin it could be fake, and there is nothing to be announced.

Perhaps we should get beyond new consoles, and even new handhelds. The PSP Go! is a done deal, it’s coming. There is too much outside confirmation calling it real. Like I said, let’s get beyond games and go where it matters: software.

The first exclusive killer-app for the Playstation 3 must be InFamous. You ask any of the hardcore crowd and they’re picking it up as soon as they can. It’s exclusive, and it’s been reported early by many outlets that it’s excellent. It’s a must have title that could potentially push the sales of consoles. Sony needs to announce more games like this at their press conference. They need Massive Action Game [title is a work in progress] to work, and work right.

There is one last thing that Sony really needs to figure out how to do, and somehow make this a part of E3. You need a face that interacts with the public. When I think people at Microsoft I think about Major Nelson. When I think about Nintendo I think about Reggie. When I think about Sony I think about Crash Bandicoot, or a Helghast!

All in all Sony, the ball is in your court. You’ve got choices to make, and a game plan to execute. How you do it will be all up to you. You’ve come a long way since your launch, and given us some excellent AAA titles and content: Sony, it’s time to rival Nintendo.

The Sunday Soapbox is an account of the writer’s personal opinions and not representative of Gamer Limit’s opinions as a whole.

  1. I am in the same position as you. I am waiting for a price cut, or a decent bundle.

  2. avatar LHswe

    Whoa, chill out. Daddy issues?

  3. This was a quasi-rant, true, but I hope I got a lot of you excited for what Sony may bring to E3. The console wars should just end, because all of them offer something the competition doesn’t have.

  4. avatar Abaddon

    Oh hell,of course I get the point!; It’s gonna be easy to be a videogame journalist these days [HHGS, PSLS...]-.As a matter of fact I’ll be gathering some ex sports editors,doing a soft lobotomy on them,and then I’ll proceed to take over easily this sector of the video game industry.

  5. avatar kevin

    i agree for most but the end of it, sony has quite some exclusivity still and you people need to learn. metal gear solid 4 IS NOT COMING to the 360. why you people think that is rediculous.

  6. avatar wtf?

    And another thing, Sony is still losing money. if they cut price, they will lose even more. They want to make a profit so they can safely drop the price.


  7. avatar darthLegion

    There are 3 games Sony should have done the questionably unethically thing of ‘buying out’ as exclusives. GTA IV, Final Fantasy XIII, and MGS4 (although this one probably doesn’t need to be secured at this point). Sony wouldn’t be struggling half as bad as they are right now. But if they want to be arrogant and stuck in their old ways then fine, that’s why they’re in last place. And don’t call me a 360 fanboy; my only console is a PS3 after getting rid of my 360 and Wii.

  8. avatar CrimsonFox13

    You know, just for further reference, the game’s not called Massive Action Game anymore. It’s called just MAG now, no acronym, just MAG. They officially stated this a while back. Just letting you know!

    Oh, and Sony does have a face! Phil Ha-… Oh, right. Good point. Hum. Well, I think of Jeff Rubenstein on the Playstation Blog. Not too big, though.

  9. avatar Please fix this...

    You said Massive Action Game. If you were a real game reporter you would not put a name that doesn’t exist anymore in your article. They are calling it MAG. Just MAG. Nothing else. Please fix this. It made the rest of your article look stupid even though it has some good points. And I disagree with the face thing. Who really cares about the spokesperson of a company? Not anyone I know. They care about mascots like Mario, etc.

  10. avatar James

    I’m sorry, I just found it stupid that in your article, you would write this:

    “They need Massive Action Game to work, and work right. They need it to be a AAA title, and it must have high review scores. If it becomes an “everybody must have it” PS3 game, then everyone will want it. They need to show it off, show that it works, and confirm the release date.”

    Does anybody else see a repetition in that paragraph, or a certain consistency of pointing out the obvious?

  11. avatar (1415)

    I doubt MGS4 will go the 360. There have been countless articles saying that it will end up on it and I doubt it will. As with many people, I think that the PS3 will get a price cut by the end of the year. As far as the whole PS3 slim, I highly doubt that will happen. It’s just too soon. As far as everything else and what I just said, Just wait 2+ more weeks until E3 and we shall see what happens.

  12. avatar PSN:gamesnskate

    Where did you get the idea that SONY is losing $40 per PS3 sold? SONY has been profiting for months on the PS3′s current price, and that’s why it was assumed that a PS3 price drop was inevitable, because SONY was profiting… But apparently they are seeing that they can still profit from the PS3′s current price ( look at sales data for Japan ) so they aren’t dropping the price , at least just yet. … …

  13. avatar Adriano

    It’s a good read, nothing more, but nothing less either. I do see your effort putting into that article, but I really can’t imagine myself that noone working for Sony is capable of finding the problems they are dealing with right now.

    Don’t get me wrong, but I really think that the internet these days is really full of unneccassary information. And this article quite belongs to it. It’s an article the public already knew about, they have already read some websites before.

    It’s not Sonys way of business to create mega ads for their games, it’s not Sonys way of business to invest millions of dollars in buying games for exclusvisty. We saw this when the MGS franchise once moved to the Xbox and Nintendo.

    Sony is struggling, of course. But at least they do something to improve and innovate, they again have taken a step further than their competitors, introducing Blu Ray, building a consolse which can do way more things than any other one on the market. Hell, this has always been Sony.

  14. avatar folix

    ALL SONY needs to do is have a price drop. Get that bad boy to 299.99 And it will sell like hotcakes. The Wii slow down is starting to show, hardcore games are bombing on it. MS has (sadly) a no-show line up this year. SONY could literally steal this year at E3.

  15. avatar Chase Lewis

    Why would you say they are looking 40 per console? last time any official estimate came out was it was about 400 and that was months if not several months ago, and hardware prices drop very fast, so I’d say they could drop it

  16. Sunday Soapboxes are simply a way for writers to get an opinion (however strong or weak it may be) out there. Some people enjoy some of the soapboxes, others hate a select amount. You don’t have to read it.

    @Chase Lewis
    Or, go with the alternative: release a cheaper, slim model, that would push more units into homes like the PS2 did. Think about it: A PS3 “lite”. It worked for Microsoft (Arcade).

  17. avatar Rob

    I get the feeling this E3 will be the start of a turnaround for the PS3… unless Sony f–ks is up of course. They really need to drop the price, and that’s about it. The games are there and will be for the years to come, they just need people to play those games.

  18. avatar ON1X

    man the ps3 is not even expensive stop whinning about the price cut and buy the Ps3! it wont f u cking break on you like the 350. i bought mine out of my pocket when i turned 17. payed about $820 with 1 game and the extended warranty. Worth EVERY f u cking penny! andd i didnt even need the warranty to this day and its been 2 years already.

  19. avatar ON1X

    btw i really hope the slim ps3 comes out. i’ll get 1 for my wife 8)

  20. avatar Phosphor

    ..wouldn’t the PS2 be the big brother? lol.

  21. avatar PS3boy

    Forget price cut this is a better console much better and of course better things costs more if you can’t effort to have the best go out there and buy the other console simple as that! No price cut Sony continue to profit with the hardware the PS3 has at least 6 more years of competitive gaming we haven’t seen even half of what the SPUs and Cell can do! We have the best game MGS4, Killzone 2, MAG, Uncharted 2, inFAMOUS, LBP and so many other great exclusives. People should realize the PS3 is more expensive because it’s a better product period.

  22. avatar alex c

    infamous bundle and ratchet bundle (ratcht has 2 controller as the game is a 14.99 game,) and infamous has 1, as its one player, and is brand new 39.99 game

    each retaisl at 249.99, dare i say. 229.99.

    weel find out on may29th, 2 days before e3, cheeky basturds** lol..

    long live SONY.
    (and sega-ah)

  23. avatar Mr. G

    Sony has sold something like 140m PS2 consoles, about 23m PS3 consoles have been sold to date. The PS2 outsells the PS3 in the US which I think it quite comical. In the UK, the PS3 sells for a whopping £300, convert that over to the US Dollar, see what you get… If Sony wants to sell over 100m PS3 consoles, first port of call is that it has to sell for under £200. Yeah, the PS3 has too many bells and whistles so Sony needs to scale it down by releasing a slim PS3. But I don’t think Sony will budge, it never seem to stop talking about Blu-ray, and to think the PS3 is a gaming console. And everything Sony is expensive, I don’t think it’s got anything to do with Blu-ray, it’s just Sony being greedy with its high price.

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