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An ESRB listing popped up for a new game called Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron and instead of denying it, LucasArts goes ahead and backs up the ESRB and confirms that the game is in development.

It has been awhile sense we have seen a Battlefront game, hasn’t it? That is alright in my book, because Elite Squadron has recieved some signifigant gameplay updates from the last game until now.

The first new innovation is that of seemless transfer from battling it out on the ground to flying up into space and entering the dog fight. The battle is affected on every front, so every shot counts in this fierce war of intergalactic worlds.

The game also features a brand-new single player experience starring a force-sensitive clone trooper X2, who ignores order 66 and joins the Rebellion, much to the chagrin of his evil twin, X1.

With 16-player online battles for the PSP, and 4-player grudge matches for the Nintendo DS, this latest installment looks to be one interesting, and ambitious new title. Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadrom will dogfight its way into our hearts this fall.

Source: Kotaku

  1. Still waiting for a new Rogue Squadron, here.

    Yup. Still waiting.

  2. My favorite feature of Battlefront 2 was the campaign mode which introduced a strategy feature. Picking which trooper classes to buy, bonuses to unlock and which fleets/planets to attack/defend was such a great feature in an FPS. I really hope they expand on it.

  3. as much as I love my original star wars storyline, why can’t we venture into more of the Old Republic and maybe even some pre-Republic plots. I need me some “original” story, not the same ol’ plot i’ve known about since I was still in diapers.

  4. My friend and I chat about how we want not only an Old Republic (Katarn-era?) movie, but more and more games for it.

    Honestly, it’s just more interesting than the “current” era, and it just blows the “Clone Wars” out of the water. Just give us KOTRO already!

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