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Twisted Pixel, creators of the short but sweet The Maw, are unleashing a new game featuring feverish destruction.  In place of ingestion, combustion is the main method of mayhem this time around.  The crispy character in ‘Splosion Man is a gangly, naked, flaming beacon of explosions.  To understand the concept of this pyro platformer, you really need hit the jump and watch the trailer.

See what I mean?  That’s damned hard to explain.  It looks like you can spontaneously explode at the push of a button, allowing ‘Splosion Man to wall jump and reach new heights.  It also appears that the pace of the game is much more consistent and frenzied than that of The Maw. The amount of detail on ‘Splosion Man is a nice touch too, as he chars and turns darker with each scorching blast.

Twisted Pixel’s unique sense of humor is evidently intact with their upcoming title, as indicated by the goofy character models and unnerved enemies.  With 50 single player levels and 50 4-player co-op levels promised, it already appears that ‘Splosion Man will have more for you to sink your teeth in to than The Maw. Keep your eyes fixed on Gamer Limit in the future for developments on this glowing game.

Source: Destructoid

  1. That actually looks and sounds like a lot of fun. The Maw was a well-constructed game, but something about it just didn’t do the trick for me. I wouldn’t put it past them to make something just as brilliant that I enjoyed.

  2. That looks like some old-school platforming right there. I’m intrigued! Give me more!

  3. Looks fun! The Maw was a very fun game, but it was agonizingly short.

  4. I am intrigued…

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