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Every so often a flash game will catch my eye, and I’ll feel an uncontrollable urge to tell people about it. I can assure you that these games will either be exceptionally weird, quality, or innovative. But there is one thing they all have in common: fun factor. Recently I was browsing and one of the front page games caught my eye; a little title called Seed of Destruction.

Created by the users BarfQuestion and Komix, SoD leads you through a magical physics based survival game, revolving around a little man jockeying a gigantic sperm cell. With plenty of content, including a few mini-games, SoD is sure to have you giggling with excitement for a long while after playing it.

The game is beautiful. Straight out beautiful. With the whole game hand drawn it’s extremely impressive for a flash game. From the Gameplay to the cut scenes you’re greeted with a colourful paper book style, and it feels like you’re playing the game inside a sketchpad. Musically it’s very interesting as well, with some sexy sound effects and music by Sulek. SoD has the whole package.

As far as controls go its dead simple, as a browser based game should be: you simply control the sperm using the 4 arrow keys, accelerate with the up or shift key, brake using down, and spin/change direction using left/right. With the aim of the game to take down civilians/army personnel/vehicles by either ramming them with your sperm or spinning and using the tail to deflect projectiles back at them.

Sperm... Awaaayy!

Sperm... Awaaayy!

In addition to the main game SoD presents you with a couple of cool mini-games:

  • Pancake Factory - Try and squash as many pedestrians into pancakes within the allotted time limit!
  • Grenade Juggling – Keep the grenades in the air as long as you can for a higher score, bounce them off the sperms body and deflect with the tail. You have 90 seconds!
  • Missile Crisis – Survive as long as you can against an infinite amount of missiles. Don’t die!
  • Custom Game – Create a custom level by choosing the enemies and intensity settings.

Seed of Destruction is an amazing game. Be sure to check it out on Newgrounds, or Komix Games.

Seed of Destruction has earned a solid 9/10.

  1. Great find! The style of this is superb… not to mention the content!!!

  2. avatar isai garayua

    the game is a blend of adventure and action. i passed the game and consider it awsome.

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