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At the last G20 conference, every country pledged to produce stimulus packages in order to fight the global recession.  For the most part though, these stimulus packages have been focused on building infrastructure, rescuing banks, and saving dead automotive industries.  South Korea is adding something new to the mix.

The South Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, has announced plans to invest USD $63.9 million into the games market.  This investment has the goal of growing the market to $400 million by 2012.

The South Korean economy is based heavily on the export of manufactured goods and technology.  It is important for them to have diverse economy across all sectors, including the games market.

Conversely though, the Western games market is strongly developed, and is in no need of any such investment.

Source: KoreaITtimes

  1. that’s cool, south korea is good at making stuff. The Cowon is a good example of that. Hopefully they will make just as good games.

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