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Everybody’s Super Sonic Racing! Try to keep your feet right on the ground. When you’re Super Sonic Racing there’s no time to look around! We’re just Super Sonic Racing! Running to the point of no return…”

Wait, what? This isn’t a sequel to Sonic R? Sort of is? ….What, Mario Kart? Oh, I get it. You mean it is like Mario Kart. Well, for Sonic enthusiasts hoping that the blue blur was going to get back into racing old school style, go ahead and be absolutely dissapointed. At least there is a trailer for the brand new Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, right?

To be really honest, if they do it right and truely try to emulate Mario Kart Wii then there is that great potential for something good.

  1. Wait. Sonic is driving a sports card, even though it can probably only top out a fifth of his maximum foot speed?

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